“Life-Size” is Coming Back to Life with a Sequel

Published 4 years ago -

Celia Smith, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Our “smizing” queen of everything, Tyra Banks, announced earlier this month that every 90’s-kid’s favorite featured Disney Channel movie, “Life-Size,” will be making a comeback 18 years and 24 seasons of “America’s Next Top Model” later.

The sequel, “Life-Size 2,” will premiere on Freeform on December 2nd, as part of their iconic “25 Days of Christmas” TV event. Banks’ original character, Eve, will turn from plastic to person once again, her serial number stamped foot leaving Sunnyvale and re-entering the real world of living, breathing humans.

If you were an avid Disney Channel original movie watcher, you’ll remember the iconic original from the 2000’s, starring Tyra Banks and a young (and pure) Lindsey Lohan. Lohan stars as Casey Stuart, a tomboy struggling to fit in after the death of her mother two years before. When Casey uses magic to try and resurrect her mother, she accidentally brings the peppy and girly Eve doll (a play on the infamous Barbie) to life. Though Casey and Eve clash in the beginning, Eve ultimately becomes a mentor for Casey, helping her navigate through the issues of pre-teen-hood.

The sequel will have a different plot line than the original, with Banks helping a 25-year-old navigate through a quarter-life crisis. Francia Raisa (from “Grown-ish”) will play Grace, a CEO who inherits the toy company that produced Eve. As for Lohan, we won’t be seeing her star alongside Banks this time around.

Though most remakes of our childhood originals never seem to do justice to the original, I’m excited for “Life-Size 2” and the new plot that comes with it. I think that this new storyline was a very smart idea, as most of the original movie viewers are now in their early-to-mid 20’s, just like Grace. A lot of the time, remakes of our favorite childhood movies address a younger audience instead of the original fans, which is probably why they tend to disappoint us. Yet, this sequel seems to be promising for sure. Tune in to Freeform and see the magic happen on December 2nd as Banks shines even “brighter and farther” than before.


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