What happened during (and after) the Khabib-McGregor fight?

Published 4 years ago -

Tyler Cullen

Staff Writer

On Saturday, October 6th, Conor McGregor faced off against Khabib Nurmagomedov in an intense UFC fight. McGregor, who went in with a record of 21-3, lost to the still undefeated Khabib, who racked up another win, after going into the fight 26-0.

The Russian martial artist pinned the Notorious Conor McGregor three minutes and three seconds into the fourth round. Conor, although being able to maintain his composure and body control, was not able to put up a proper fight against Khabib’s slithering offensive maneuvers.

What was different about McGregor compared to Khabib’s previous opponents, is that he did not seem to panic when the fight hit the mat. Conor was patient looking for any opening that he got, trying to work his way around the strong grappling game of Khabib. Unfortunately for McGregor, it was not enough and Khabib slowly overcame him, blow after blow McGregor began to lose his momentum eventually succumbing to the technique of Khabib.

The fight however, was actually only the first noteworthy part of the night both McGregor and Khabib fought. In addition to the fight, there was a massive brawl that occurred between both parties.

After the fight, Khabib dashed out of the octagon and into the crowd, after this, he seemed to have targeted Dillon Danis, another fighter who was part of McGregor’s entourage. Joe Rogan, a UFC pundit believes that Danis actually provoked Khabib by insulting him in some way even though it was not heard exactly what he said. Not long after this happened, McGregor was attacked by members of Khabib’s entourage which only fueled the anger between both parties. This created absolute chaos in the octagon which led to security frantically attempting to break it up before anyone was seriously harmed. The men who fought McGregor were then arrested and taken away, but McGregor did not press charges, and they were set free shortly after. Khabib did apologize in an interview after what went down, however he also mentioned how McGregor’s comments on his religion and country in a malicious way during the press conferences did not help anything, but rather added to the tension. Khabib has been suspended and was additionally stripped of his belt. McGregor faces fewer sanctions, but overall this altercation has created negative press for the UFC leaving many higher-ups at their wit’s end.

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