Colorful Fish

Published 4 years ago -

Kristina Wyman – Campus Life Editor

This will be a jumble of a column this week friends. I am just writing about whatever comes to mind first. So, the first thing I just thought of is favorite colors. How does one have a favorite color. We hear how someone’s favorite color is blue, purple, or orange, but how do we develop this liking for said color? I guess this is a deep question about how the human mind works. Weird.

So that was my first random thought for this column. Here is the last thing I’ll touch upon in this column. This thought will be longer than the first, as the first thought about favorite colors was just really random because I was thinking about the color purple and then wondered the attraction to specific colors on the color wheel. Any who, I digress. I was working on a group project last night and accidentally found myself open to a document I made back in high school. My high school was an agricultural high school, where my major was animal science. Needless to say, I found a unique document pertaining to animals. This document was from a marine science course I took. The assignment required me to write a “booklet” about marine species to have in your aquarium.

My high school was vastly different from the track I’m in now, obviously. I used to work with animals all the time, and now I’m immersed in the land of literature. The first project listed 13 marine species from fish to marine invertebrates. I’m looking at this old assignment now, laughing at the fact I’ve strayed far from this kind of material. I still love animal science and hope to have a part-time job taking care of animals in the future.

I will spotlight a species from the list. The species I’m spotlighting is the Purple Dotty back. This saltwater fish grows to a maximum of three inches and is considered semi-aggressive. They are easy to keep in an aquarium when provided with numerous hiding places. This fish is also carnivorous. So now you what to consider when adopting this very specific fish. Your welcome. P.S. this fish is bright and vibrant pinkish purple, look it up on Google.

Kristina Wyman, a senior, studies English and Psychology. She is the Campus Life Editor of Le Provocateur.

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