Greenhounds Hosts Farmers’ Market

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Ciera Clivio- Staff writer

On September 25th the Greenhounds put on the first farmers’ market of the 2018-2019 school year, located in Laska Lobby. With vendors like Bean Counter Cafe and BirchTree Bread Company, there were many students and staff passing through the market. The Greenhounds started putting this event on so people at Assumption College can be able to buy fresh and healthy food options for a cheap price.

To see what made this farmers’ market so special I talked to Sara Witkus, Co-Treasurer of Greenhounds, and asked her why she thinks it is important to have a farmers’ market on campus. She explained that “It’s cool because it’s all local companies and they’re here to connect with the community. So by coming here, you’re giving back to the community while getting healthy fresh food.” Greenhounds encourage the importance of supporting the Worcester community and giving back to those who give to us.

Greenhounds is Assumption’s student sustainability club. They work to educate and promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices at a personal level and in a way the helps the campus community. They have paired up with other clubs before for late night events to educate the students here about what they can do to help themselves and the community to make a positive change.

Last year Greenhounds was named the 2017-2018 “Club of the Year”. In the past, Greenhounds have done things like host open mic night, a late night event the club puts on every year. Also, Greenhounds are a major part of the booths for the earth day event hosted during the spring semester. Last year is when Greenhounds first started to host farmers’ markets on campus. The club had never done something like this before, so the Greenhounds hoped for the best and it turned out to be a hit. The vendors started to ask the club when they could come back, starting to create a bond between these vendors and the club.

Need more reasons to support farmers’ markets in your community? According to, taste and nutrition weaken during the transportation process to your local grocery stores. The fruits and vegetable sent to grocery stores are sometimes altered to withstand travel, and because of that the flavor starts to deteriorate in the process of traveling. Family farms can offer a bigger range of flavors because they are able to grow a wider variety of produce. Long distance transportation not only affects how your food can taste but also how much nutrition you get. The longer the amount of time from when the fruit or vegetable is picked to when we eat it, the more nutrients the food loses. At a farmers’ market, you can buy fruit that was picked the morning that it is sold. To be a farmer is extremely risky. It takes a lot large physical toll on the workers, the crops are threatened from weather, threatened from pests and threatened from diseases they could catch. During harvest time they have very low food prices. Supporting local farmers provides yourself with a high-quality food supply while you are bettering the community’s economy.

If you like what Greenhounds has been doing and want to show your support, they will be hosting open mic night for their late night event coming up on November 2nd. The event will be located in the Hagan Campus Center. Make sure to keep an eye out for posters around campus for more details. Anyone can come and sing, read poetry, etc. Also, coming up on November 6th, Greenhounds will be sponsoring the second farmers’ market of the year, located in Laska Lobby. If you missed your chance to get fresh and delicious vegetables, fruit, bread, sweets and more for a good price, make sure to stop by.

Ciera Clivio, a sophomore, studies English. She is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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