Why is it Called That?

Published 4 years ago -

Alyssa Jalbert – Staff Writer

A popular phrase says, “A college is not a college without its students.” While this statement is true, I believe there is more to the phrase when referring to Assumption College.

Assumption is shaped by the whole community. It may not be a college without its students, but it also would not be a college without its alumni, family, faculty and friends. These people shape the College with their support through philanthropic contributions of time, talent, dedication, donations and service. In fact, many of the buildings and facilities on campus are named after the people who made a significant impact on the College. Some of these buildings would not even be around today if it weren’t for the support of the people behind the names.

The most recent addition to the Assumption College campus is the Tsotsis Family Academic Center, thanks to the generous support of Michael Tsotsis and his wife Dorothy. Michael Tsotsis is a graduate of the class of 1971, a former member of the College’s Board of Trustees and former chair of the Board’s Institutional Advancement Committee. After a positive experience at Assumption, Mr. Tsotsis wanted to leave a positive impact on the College and give back to his alma mater. He believes that Assumption provided him with a firm foundation and he wanted to show his appreciation through his generosity and philanthropic contribution to the entire community.

As a member of the Board of Trustees for 21 years, Mike Tsotsis knew of the need for a new academic building. To this day, he believes that the Board serves the students and says that it never loses sight of its role. With this being said, Mr. Tsotsis wanted to give students and faculty an upgraded environment to help drive student success.

The need for the building has certainly proven itself correct with the building’s success and upgrades in environment and technology. The building allows for students and faculty to communicate directly with the Rome Campus and creates a better learning environment and a space for the Business Studies Department, the Honors Program, the D’Amour Center for Teaching Excellence as well as several other programs. The Tsotsis Family Academic Center would not be possible without the generous philanthropic contributions of Mike and Dot Tsotsis. Their dedication and support of the College promote a positive change for the entire Assumption community.

Another building that received its name for its philanthropic contributions is the Testa Science Center. The Testa Science Center is named in honor of Richard Testa and his wife Janet. Because of their generous support, the building serves all students with its modern classrooms, study areas and advanced equipment.

Richard Testa, a benefactor to the College, was an active member in many committees and campaigns and served as a member of the Board of Trustees as well as the Board Chair. His wife Janet has continued to leave a significant impact with contributions to the building and ongoing support of students. Because of the positive impact they left on the College, the Testa name will always be remembered in the Assumption community and their generosity and contributions to the College will long be appreciated.

The Curtis Performance Hall, Marois Softball Field and Plourde Recreational Center are three other facilities that are named after people who have greatly contributed to the College. Jeanne Curtis, Norm and Gloria Marois and Gloria and Roger Plourde have left their mark on Assumption with their generous donations towards these facilities. The Assumption community greatly appreciates their support and remembers their generosity through the names of the facilities.

If it weren’t for the contributions of time, talent, support and donations of these significant people, there would be no Assumption College. Their generous actions reflect the importance of philanthropy and benefit the entire community. These buildings and facilities are just a few examples and results of the support Assumption College receives from its donors.

Any type of contribution, regardless of its size, helps shape Assumption into the College it is today. While a college may not be a college without its students, Assumption would not be a college without its entire community including alumni, family, faculty and friends.

Alyssa Jalbert, a senior, studies Marketing. She is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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