Soundtrack of my semester

Published 4 years ago -

Celia Rose Smith – As­sis­tant Ed­i­tor-In-Chief

My semester can be summed up as a messy collage of personal struggles—snippets of puffy eyes, mental breakdowns, an inability to properly function, poems so emo they leave my class silent and a Spotify playlist entitled “chaotic affliction.” Instead of attempting to reflect on the complex suffering and overall melancholy that these past few months have contained, I’ve compiled a list of tracks that speak to me—a mixtape of my mind and a soundtrack of my semester.

Side A:

1. The Hotelier: “Discomfort Revisited”

2. The Hotelier: “Your Deep Rest”

3. The Story So Far: “Navy Blue”

4. Mom Jeans: “Death Cup”

5. The Hotelier: “The Scope of All of This”

6. Dashboard Confessional: “The Secret’s In The Telling”

7. The Hotelier: “Title Track”

8. Modern Baseball: “Pothole”

9. Sorority Noise: “Using”

10. Pinegrove: “Old Friends”

11. The Cardboard Swords: “Cardigan”

12. The Hotelier: “In Framing”

13. Neck Deep: “A Part of Me (ft. Laura Whiteside)”

14. Modern Baseball: “Your Graduation”

15. Box Car Racer: “There Is”

16. The National: “Sorrow”

17. Dashboard Confessional: “This Old Wound”

18. The Hotelier: “An Introduction To The Album”

19. The Front Bottoms: “12 Feet Deep”

20. The Offspring: “Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?”

21. Dashboard Confessional: “The Best Deceptions”

22. Pinegrove: “Rings”

23. Frankie Cosmos: “Too Dark”

24. The Hotelier: “Dendron”

25. Dashboard Confessional: “Saints and Sailors”

26. Tigers Jaw: “Never Saw It Coming”

27. Turnover: “I Would Hate You If I Could”

28. Dashboard Confessional: “Ghost of A Good Thing”

29. Joyce Manor: “Constant Headache”

30. Brand New: “Mix Tape”

Side B:

31. American Football: “Never Meant”

32. Say Anything: “It’s a Metaphor, Fool”

33. Dashboard Confessional: “Screaming Infidelities”

34. Slaughter Beach, Dog: “Acolyte”

35. Jamaican Queens: “Caitlin”

36. Modern Baseball: “Rock Bottom”

37. Death Cab for Cutie: “What Sarah Said”

38. Taking Back Sunday: “MakeDa**Sure”

39. The Cardboard Swords: “Flannel”

40. The Spill Canvas: “Self-Conclusion”

41. The Hotelier: “Fear of Good”

42. Turnover: “Dizzy On the Comedown”

43. Real Friends: “I’ve Given Up on You”

44. Sorority Noise: “Art School Wannabe”

45. Sufjan Stevens: “The Predatory Wasp of The Palisades

Is Out To Get Us”

46. Brand New: “Jesus Christ”

47. Modern Baseball: “Fine, Great”

48. It Looks Sad.: “Creature”

49. Real Friends: “Late Nights in My Car”

50. Failure: “Stuck On You”

51. Sufjan Stevens: “Should Have Known Better”

52. The Front Bottoms: “Flashlight”

53. Cage The Elephant: “Cigarette Daydreams”

54. Tarkio: “Keeping Me Awake”

55. The Smiths: “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I

Want This Time”

56. Fiona Apple: “Never is a Promise”

57. The Story So Far: “Clairvoyant”

58. Mom Jeans.: “Scott Pilgrim V. My GPA”

59. Pearl Jam: “Better Man”

60. Real Friends: “Late Nights in My Car”

Celia Smith, a senior, studies English and Studio Art. She is the Assistant Editor-In-Chief of Le Provocateur.

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