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Published 4 years ago -

Stephanie McCaffrey – Associate Director of Campus Ministry

A couple weeks ago, a group of students participated in the annual Horizon Retreat, which takes place each November in Wareham, MA. A smaller group of students served as team members for the retreat and it’s that group that brought the retreat to life. Whether sharing talks on a variety of faith-based topics, facilitating the small group conversations, or leading the variety of group activities, the team – led by seniors Lauren Nowak and Emily Rizza – created a wonderful and meaningful retreat for their peers.

As the campus minister who directs the retreat program through Campus Ministry, I can honestly say that this Horizon Retreat was a particularly good one. From the talks that were given by six of the team members to the openness of the retreatants to the experience and watching Sunday morning’s sunrise, this year’s retreat seemed to have an extra sprinkling of God’s grace.

While Horizon has come and gone, there are three other retreats students can participate in next semester. Crossroads is just for sophomores and is an overnight in Weston, MA and will take place January 26th and 27th, 2019. Crossroads focuses on the broader meaning of the word ‘vocation’ so that students come to a fuller understanding of what they may be called to do with their lives. What makes Crossroads especially helpful to sophomores is that young alumni are invited to come to the retreat to share their own personal stories of discovering their passions and how they now understand what their vocation is.

Without exception, the alumni calm the nerves of those who may be anxious about their future and help the students realize that discovering your vocation is not a one-and-done process – it’s lifelong (and exciting too).

The Senior Retreat takes place February 15th and 16th, 2019 in Putnam, CT and is a 24-hour retreat that is student led, but also includes talks by two recent alumni. These alumni are able to assure current seniors that there is a (great) life beyond Assumption and that ‘adulting’ is not always a bad thing, but an exciting process too – and one that inspires growth as the years beyond college unfold. The retreat is a combination of looking back on one’s years at Assumption and looking forward with hope to what the future beyond Salisbury Street might bring.

Last but not least, the final START Retreat of the year will take place March 22nd and 23rd, 2019 in New Hampshire. START is for students of any class year, so it’s a great way to meet people from all across campus. It’s the oldest of Campus Ministry’s student-led retreats and one that participants often say was a highlight of their Assumption experience. Since 1999, over 1,500 students have participated. Why not be one of the next 1,500?

Information about retreat registration will be communicated through social media, posters, the portal and the most effective form of advertising: word of mouth. Stay tuned. In the meantime, please contact Stephanie McCaffrey for more information at

Stephanie McCaffrey is the Associate Director of Campus Ministry. She is a regular contributor to Le Provocateur.

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