Handsome Ghost will revitalize your Indie experience

Published 4 years ago -

Lily O’Connor – Staff writer

In the days of Indie/ Alternative Rock’s heightened popularity, with artists like Rex Orange County and Quinn XCII on the rise, it is only fitting to call attention to a smaller band that should be on the rise with other artists: Handsome Ghost. 

The Indie vibes that the Massachusetts-based duo creates are infectious. They have music that tells a story through tones, sounds, words and notes. Through EPs and singles like “Blood Stutter,” “Steps” and “Indian Summer” the listener can catch glimpses of love and loss, being able to relate to each and every conveyed emotion. Their full-length debut album, 2018’s “Welcome Back,” continues to captivate music lovers with tracks such as “Fools,” “Honest Mistake” and “Reckless Lover.” The lyrics resonate like poetry and the subtle instrumental and background voices create a scene in your mind and become a tangible feeling. 

From a musician’s standpoint, I see this group as being very talented. The duo can do more than just play music, but create and compose it. They have a different sound that reflects no band but their own, as they describe it “Indie Prom.” This unique sound is created by various instruments and electronica additions through the mastermind of Tim Noyes, the band’s lead singer and talented singer/songwriter.   

I remember meeting the band back in the fall of 2015, when they were just an opening act for a small artist. They did a cover of one of The 1975’s songs and, after the concert, the band and I talked about music, harmonies, inspiration and covers for a solid 25 minutes. It was then that I became a fan of theirs and, today, I’m proud to have seen their growth but need to see this duo come into the fame they deserve. The next time you’re driving, cleaning, hanging out with friends or doing whatever, pop open their library on shuffle, and experience pure talent and an unmatched sound. 

Since the band is based out of Boston, there is always a Massachusetts venue booked when they go on a tour. Due to them being a smaller band, the venues will still be intimate and they are really good about interacting with fans. If you get the opportunity to see this duo, take it. If you get the opportunity to talk to them, take it. They don’t talk to you like a fan, but as someone they have something in common with and they can talk about music forever. 

I would recommend that new listeners first listen to their EP, “Steps” with the tracks “Blood Stutter” and “Weight of It All,” just to name two, and their debut album. If you check out their website, you can also find live performances in dog shelters that they filmed to show support for some great no-kill shelters and to showcase dogs waiting to be adopted. If you’re really trying to get into them, go on YouTube and listen to them cover the 1975. You will not be disappointed. 

 Lily O’Connor, a sophomore, studies English and Spanish. She is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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