Oh my reboot! Sabrina is back!

Published 4 years ago -

Nicholas Sposato – Staff writer

We live in a time when revivals and reboots have become a prominent phenomenon in pop culture. It seems like one after another, the films and television of the past are getting a second go at being in the limelight. Shows like “Full House,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Will and Grace” and “Dynasty” have been picked up again for viewers to enjoy. In film, “Creed,” “Mamma Mia,” “A Star is Born” and “Halloween” have been repackaged and delivered for audiences. 

“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” which was released by Netflix late October, continues this practice of reviving past characters and storylines. Based on the 1996 series, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” the show takes a new spin on the story of Sabrina Spellman, a sixteen-year old who must balance her time between the mortal world and the realm of magic.  

While the cast of main characters and the setting remain unchanged, the remake takes  

on a darker tone than the original comedy. This was clear after watching the show’s intro, which includes gruesome imagery and music eerie enough to be an Addams Family lullaby. Right off the bat, viewers are made aware that this isn’t the light-hearted, bubbly show with quirky scenarios and playful one-liners. I believe a Taylor Swift lyric sums it up perfectly. “The Old [Sabrina] can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ‘cause she’s dead.” 

“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” escalates things to a whole new level: this teenage witch isn’t here to play around. She’s back and she means business.  

The Netflix series is a far leap from the original show, but that’s what makes it so good. The major conflict of the show arises as a result of the Devil’s agenda to get Sabrina’s name in his book, which entails giving up all mortal contact and devoting her life to his work. Understandably, she is not willing to comply. This is what makes the show. Sabrina Spellman is not only kind and caring–she is smart, calculated and determined.

She has no trouble dealing with injustice, whether it be stopping bullies at school or vanquishing the Dark Lord’s ploys to control her. She uses magic and wit to create a better situation for others. Her proactivity is respectable, making her a likeable character and role-model. She makes fighting the Devil while balancing relationships and homework look easy.  

The show’s plot is not predictable, but there are definitely “I called that” moments. Still, the show could certainly be placed under the “binge-worthy” category. I will admit, I committed some hardcore procrastination with this show. It’s has a lot of things going for it and it’s evident that much thought went into its creation.

The set designers did a nice job of developing the town of Greendale. Everything from the colors in the coffee shop to the staircase in Sabrina’s house fit perfectly and serve as a reminder for the dark, spooky undertones of the show.

The script-writers have also done a commendable job–each character’s line matches up with their personality and helps build believable characters who are never dull and never flat. The acting is also well done. If you are currently on the hunt for your next Netflix obsession, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is certainly a viable candidate. 


Nicholas Sposato, a first-year, is undecided. He is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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