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David Pepin – Sports Editor

Rivalries are one of the elements of sports that make them so interesting. From professional rivalries like Yankees vs Red Sox, or international rivalries like USA vs Canada in ice hockey, all the way down to local high school varsity sports, rivalries occur at every level of sport.

Rivalries can produce some of the most exciting and classic moments in sports, like the 1980 Olympics USA vs Soviet Union “Miracle” ice hockey game where the underdog United States team beat the seemingly unbeatable Soviets, or the famed “Kick Six” in the 2013 Iron Bowl game between Alabama and Auburn, where Auburn’s Chris Davis returned a missed field goal for a touchdown on the final play of the game to down No. 1-ranked Alabama.

Rivalries are an important part of sports, and everyone tends to have their favorite rivalries. The following list is my top four favorite rivalries:

5.Tom Brady vs the Manning Family

Tom Brady has had his fair share of run-ins with the Manning brothers Peyton and Eli. Two of the greatest quarterbacks in history, Brady and Peyton have had a long history during Peyton’s time with both the Colts and the Broncos. However, it is the younger brother Eli that has been the one that has gotten the better of Brady, winning two Super Bowls against his team.

4.Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers

Two of the most storied franchises in NBA history, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers own one of the most bitter rivalries in the NBA. The rivalry started long ago, with both teams emerging as two of the original powerhouses in the NBA. The rivalry has featured some of the best players in NBA history such as Bill Russell, Jerry West, Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, and of course, Magic and Bird.

3.USA vs Canada (Hockey)

By far the most competitive sport between the two countries, the United States and Canada have had several fierce competitions in men’s, women’s, and junior’s hockey. The teams have had several meetings in the Olympics, and in other notable international contests, notably, Canada’s 2010 Olympics victory in the men’s gold medal game and the USA women’s victory in a shootout in the 2018 Olympics gold medal game.

2.New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox

This one is a classic. Often hailed as the greatest rivalry in sports, the Yankees and Red Sox have played a total of 2,257 games against each other, including some of the fiercest and most exciting games in MLB history. Several storylines like “The Curse of the Bambino,” the Red Sox breaking that curse in 2004, and the recent rebirth of the rivalry has kept this rivalry one of the most important in sports history.

1.Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens

The most heated rivalry in hockey occurs between two of the NHL’s original six teams. The Bruins and Canadiens have had a long rivalry with each other for the NHL’s entire history, and it has been one of the most physical rivalries in sports history. The Bruins and Canadiens have had a history of meeting each other in meaningful games, with a grand total of 34 playoff series between the two. The teams always bring it, no matter the situation though, and any time you see “Bruins vs Canadiens” on the schedule, it becomes a must watch game.

David Pepin, a junior, studies English and Marketing, He is the Sports Editor of Le Provocateur.

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