Experience through involvement

Published 4 years ago -

Neydi Ramirez

Staff Writer

College is a fun experience full of many events, late nights on weekends, trips around New England and endless opportunities to get involved on campus. It takes students to do that. Those students are the ones who are members of the many active clubs on campus.

Being part of clubs or organizations on campus has its perks. You get to utilize the resources the campus has to offer, and then you realize how fun and important it is to be involved. Being involved allows students to be connected to the school. You sometimes get to be one of the first few to find out about exciting things happening on campus. You get to take advantage of resources available to you. It gives you experience and something to add to your resume.

Being involved has another perk too. It helps to build a community and, yes, maybe you will not think the first club is fitting for you. That is okay. Just try another one until you find something that fits you. There are many different clubs on campus that range in their purpose.

There is CAB, Campus Activities Board, which is all about planning amazing events for students whether it is on or off campus. There is SGA, Student Government Association, which strives to enhance and improve the campus to make your experience here at Assumption even better. There is Student Philanthropy, which plans homecoming and other fun events to stress the importance of giving because without it many of us would not have scholarships or financial aid. There is Greenhounds, which focuses on bringing in farmers markets on campus and giving tips on how to be greener in your everyday life. There are many other clubs that focus on different things, ranging from basic human rights to dancing your heart out in the African Dance club.

There is a little bit of everything in all the clubs and if there is not, well, you can make your own. You can find something and if you have, that is great. If you have not, please join something. It is up to you to find it. That something can become what you get to love next.

Neydi Ramirez, a senior, studies International Business. She is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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