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I am trying to figure out what to discuss for this column. Someone told me to talk about intramurals, so I guess that is where we find ourselves. I am a senior and I have just decided this year that maybe I should participate in intramurals. I have ben to the gym throughout my years here at Assumption College, but I never thought to participate in any organized sport of some sort.

Last semester, fall semester that is, I played indoor soccer and indoor floor hockey. The team derived from Campus Activities Board (CAB) members and school staff. We had the director of student activities, Kaitlin Bevins, and a handful of CAB members who decided that we should get a team together, even if we knew that we would probably be horrible at playing. The team initiator, Macee Buckley, got our team of a few CAB members and one staff member together to try and face varying teams that most definitely posed a challenge.

For soccer, we were fortunate to have a substitute or two to help make a break for us to sit and regroup after running like crazy trying to score and keep the ball away from the opposing team. Indoor Floor Hockey, on the other hand, proved to be challenging at times because we did not have substitutes for a majority of our games. We did win a couple of games of each sport, but we also found ourselves trying to just keep the other team from scoring rather than trying to score our selves.

This semester we are doing Basketball so far. I believe the plan is to join more upcoming sports as they are released for sign ups on IM Leagues. Basketball seems to be going well, sort of. We have lost most of our games, but we are closing the gap between scores slowly but surely.

Even though a part of me dreads going to gaes from time to time, I believe that it was a good choice to join an intramural sport, or sports, for these last semesters of undergraduate. I only dread them because it involves me having to run around, but overall that is better than sitting around or doing something inactive I supoose. Intramurals have been fun so far, so i guess we shall see how they progress.

Random Joke:

What did one ocean say to the other?

Nothing. They just waved.

Kristina Wyman, a senior, studies English and Psychology. She is the Campus Life Editor of Le Provocateur.

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