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Look good, feel good, play good. The famous saying may or may not have any solid evidence behind it, but who cares anyway. It’s no secret that the apparel of the teams taking the field are one of the key attractions that make sports so interesting to watch.

Especially in today’s world, with the emphasis on social media sharing, the uniform revolution has blown up, with each team and uniform supplier striving to have, not just the best performing attire they can have, but also the most aesthetically attractive attire.

Across the four major professional sports in the United States (football, baseball, hockey and basketball), there are some of the most classic, as well as some of the most experimental designs in sports history. Everyone has their favorites, and in the following list are my favorites, one from each of the sports. So here are my personal best dressed awards:

Baseball- New York Yankees

It’s kind of impossible to hate the pinstripes. They are the most classic uniforms in American sports history, and they are an easy choice for my favorite baseball uniform. The design has pretty much been the same since the team made the pinstripes permanent in 1920, and why change it? The design was perfected early on and it is borderline blasphemous for any baseball fan to suggest that the team change the design. There was actually a (false) story at one point that the Yankees began wearing pinstripes because it made Babe Ruth look slimmer as his career started to wind down and he became more and more out of shape.

Also, while they are largely overshadowed by their pinstripe counterparts, the Yankees grey away uniforms are some of the best uniforms in baseball as well. It’s just a clean, classic design with the words “New York” sprawled on the chest in navy blue. It’s no wonder the Yankees haven’t changed their look pretty much their entire history; they’re definitely the best dressed in baseball.

Hockey- Boston Bruins

This was a close one between for me, but the black and gold has something about it that helps the Bruins beats out some of the other well-dressed teams in the NHL, like the Montreal Canadiens or the New York Rangers. The Bruins have tried a few uniform designs with their color template, but their current designs are the best they’ve ever had.

The colors blend extremely well with each other and their black home uniforms give them an attractive, but intimidating look. The spoked “B” in the center of the front completes the look, and it gives them that classic, clean look that all NHL franchises should take notes from.

Basketball- Golden State Warriors

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Golden State Warriors are really good at two things: winning basketball games, and looking good doing it. The blue, yellow and white uniforms that the Warriors currently don have that classic look that they wore from 1966-71 with the outline of the Golden Gate Bridge, but cleaned up and modernized. As a result, the Warriors current uniforms are able to just edge out some of the most classic designs in history from teams like the Celtics or the Bulls.

Football- Los Angeles Chargers

This was a close one because I really like the New Orleans Saints setup, but (pun intended), the Chargers uniforms are electric. The Chargers combine everything you could want in a football uniform, they are classic, yet modern; clean, yet exotic. Oh ya, and the color scheme is perfect too.

The Chargers uniforms feature that one simple yellow lightning bolt on the shoulder, helmet and pant leg, but it just blends so well with their white-on-navy blue home uniforms and their navy blue-on-white away uniforms. I wasn’t taking alternate uniforms into consideration here, but their powder blue uniforms deserve a special shout out as well for helping the Chargers be the best dressed team in the NFL.

David Pepin, a junior, studies English and Marketing, He is the Sports Editor of Le Provocateur.

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