Valentine’s party of one

Published 4 years ago -

Lauren Fitzgerald

Arts & Entertainment Editor

I know what you’re thinking. It’s the season of love again. It’s the time where hearts are all around us, stores are packed with pink and red gifts and couples are infatuated everywhere. Some of us are blasting love songs on the radio, hopefully not holding them up in front of people’s windows to get their attention, while others are quickly making expensive dinner reservations.

Then there are those of us, the many single people, who are locked away in our rooms on this day wondering: why am I so alone? There are plenty of ways that Valentine’s Day can be happy for us lucky singletons though, and maybe you don’t believe me right now.

There’s no denying it, Valentine’s Day sucks when you’re single. There’s nothing like having relationships rubbed in your face. You may have broken up with someone recently, had your heart broken some other way or may not have even ever celebrated Valentine’s Day with someone before. I know that every year I’d wake up to a card from my parents saying, “You may not have the key to any man’s heart yet, but you have the key to ours.” They really tried to cheer up my spirits, I’ll give them that. Hear me out, though, there are also a ton of ways to make the best of your Valentine’s Day, despite this one setback. 

As much as you feel like you may be, you are not the only single one. You most likely have other friends to be single with. In the grand scheme of things, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and just love. Should that simply apply romantically? No, because your friends are some of the most important people in your life. They have been with you through thick and thin, probably far more than any significant other. They deserve more love than anything.

Instead of sitting around during Valentine’s Day, celebrate Galentine’s Day with your best friends. Bring each other to the movies, go share ice cream sundaes at Friendly’s or even order one of those giant heart shaped pizzas for a laugh. There are plenty of places with Valentine’s Day sales for two, so grab your gal-pal or guy-pal and make this day about your friendship. Your friends are the people you should cherish just as much as any significant other.

I am not usually supportive of this chain, but if you have just been through the heartbreak of the century recently, Hooters is offering 10 free wings if you bring a picture of your ex to shred. You’ll need to purchase 10 wings prior, but you’ll receive the satisfaction of both shredding up something terrible in the past and feeding you and your friends for cheaper. If this doesn’t make your Valentine’s Day far more fantastic, I’m not sure what will.

However, there is still one person we all should love on this very special day, just as much as any day, and it is ourselves.

You are your first and last love. I know it sounds conceited, but I’m not telling you to buy yourself flowers and claim that you’re the best thing this earth could have ever created. I’m telling you to make Valentine’s Day your self-care and self-love day.

If you have the time, take a break and watch Netflix, have a spa night or eat a ton of ice cream. Dunkin Donuts stocks up on those delicious heart shaped brownie-batter doughnuts, so there are a ton of sweet treats that you can get out of this day that aren’t usually around during any other time of year. Treat yourself and remind yourself how much you matter.

Yes, Valentine’s Day can bring on the Valentine’s blues. But it doesn’t have to be terrible. There are plenty of good things about it, such as discounted candy the next day. It all depends on your outlook towards it. You can sit alone and mope about it all day, or you can try to make the most of it. If you love and appreciate your friends, and even yourself, that much, then you’ll never have no one to love on this holiday again.

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