Why Netflix is the only date you need this Valentine’s Day

Published 4 years ago -

Alicia Burrows

Copy Editor

Another year, another Valentine’s Day alone. Wow, what a tragedy to be by yourself on a commercialized holiday made to celebrate love. Or… another year, another night of way too much pressure put on you and your S.O. to plan the ultimate romantic night of a lifetime. Well, I have a solution for you: and that is Netflix. While I am just as upset as you are that some of the greatest rom coms of all time (10 Things I Hate About You, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Proposal, etc.) have mysteriously disappeared from the video streaming site, there are still a few hidden gems left. So, if you need to watch fictional couples navigate the ups and downs of relationships to make yourself feel loved this Valentine’s Day, here are some movies for you.



“I Love You, Man” tells the story of recently engaged couple, Peter and Zooey, who are starting preparations for their wedding. Zooey has asked all of her closest friends to be her bridesmaids, however, Peter has no groomsmen. Peter has always had more female friends than guy friends, and now he is desperate to find people to be in his wedding. Even with the help of Peter’s younger brother, who sets him up on several “man dates,” Peter still is not having any luck. However, while Peter is showing a house that he is trying to sell, Sydney walks in, and an unexpected friendship begins to form. “I Love You, Man” is a wholesome film which depicts a relatable bromance, but also addresses where to draw the line between spending too much time with your friends or too much time with your S.O..



“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is the perfect movie for any girl who feels like they never have any luck in relationships. Heroine Lara Jean has an interesting tradition of writing letters to every boy she has ever had a crush on, and keeping them hidden away in a hat box in her closet for no one else to see. Until one day, when her mischievous little sister uncovers the letters and mails them out with the hope to make Lara Jean’s life a bit more interesting. Soon, these boys begin approaching Lara Jean at school asking questions about the letters, and her once boring life is suddenly turned upside down. “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is bound to make you laugh, and may even make you feel a bit better about your love life when you realize that we all experience the unfortunate luck of Lara Jean at times, but life goes on.


  1. SET IT UP

“Set it Up” follows the struggles of two overworked interns trying to please their bad-tempered bosses in hopes to make their lives at work just a bit easier. Harper and Charlie are both assistants to big money bosses who never give them a break. When Harper and Charlie meet one late night at a restaurant trying to pick up dinner for their bosses, a friendship forms and, with that, a plan to give themselves more free time and put their bosses in a better mood. Both of their bosses are single, but they reason that if they were in a relationship, they might be a bit friendlier and easier to work for. The film shows Harper and Charlie’s strenuous efforts to get their bosses to notice each other, and maybe even go on a date. However, when does setting people up ever actually work? Anyone who has ever worked for a cranky, over demanding boss can surely relate to “Set it Up” and the efforts that Harper and Charlie go through just to make their lives at work a bit less stressful.



“Alex Strangelove” is practically Netflix’s remake of “Love, Simon,” but is nonetheless well worth watching. Alex Truelove has everything going for him: a great group of friends, the perfect girlfriend and is on the road to an Ivy League College. However, one thing he does not have is sex. Even though his girlfriend is all for it, Alex is far too nervous and makes excuses to get out of it. Enter Elliot: the confident gay kid who makes Alex question everything he knows to be true. While his friends say it’s just a “man crush,” Alex begins to wonder if his newly discovered feelings for Elliot could be something more. “Alex Strangelove” depicts the struggles of high school and finding out who you really are, while the rest of the world is telling you who you should be.



“Definitely, Maybe” is certainly underrated, and is probably the best rom com on Netflix right now. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin, this film goes back in time as recently divorced Will Hayes tells his daughter, Maya, of how he met her mother, and the other girls he fell in love with in between. Maya, the ever curious child, begs to know details of her father’s path, and eventually helps him rediscover the love of his life. Through telling Maya his story, Will begins to realize where in life he took wrong turns, and what he can do to repair the bridges he broke. “Definitely, Maybe” will make your heart melt as Will, with the help of his daughter, returns on the chase to find love and fix his mistakes of the past.


While there are surely more rom-coms on Netflix, these are a few of my favorites. So, go buy yourself a box of chocolates, open up your laptop, and forget about your relationship troubles while having some much needed self care this Valentine’s Day.


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