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Published 4 years ago -

As I go through life and my attachment and love of music continues to grow and strengthen I find songs and artists that resemble my emotions, experiences and thoughts.

These people and products help me to learn more about myself and express things that I cannot put into words. So far I have come across a number of songs and artists that particularly stand out to me and make up, what I like to consider as, the soundtrack of my life.

1.) “Aquarius,” Tinashe

When this album dropped in 2014 I was going through a rough time during my senior year of high school. The songs on the album helped to steady my nerves and also get to the root of my frustrations. This album, and Tinashe, I credit with being the first artist’s work I truly identified with emotionally.

2.) “Who Do You Love,” Marianas Trench; “Why Me?,” Jess Glynne

I lost my grandmother freshman year of college. I had already written an album review for the Provoc on Jess Glynne’s debut album, “I Laugh When I Cry” and fell in love. “Why Me?” was a song that stuck with me given my inherent past of insecurity. “Who Do You Love” came after my grandmother’s funeral when I did a review on the band’s “Astoria” album. “Who Do You Love” spoke to me as an anthem and the content of the song I directly correlated to my own life journey. The few months after my grandmother’s death, I would blast both songs in the shower, crying my eyes out and telling myself that things were going to be okay.

3.) “Beautiful Disaster,” Kelly Clarkson; “The Reason,” Hoobastank

My first relationship was a life-altering experience and one that came with much pain. I saw myself in a very negative and dark light. I felt that “Beautiful Disaster” was the perfect way to describe myself for making my relationship worse and “The Reason” for trying to make it better.” Both songs represent a transformation I underwent to move on with my life.

4.) Nickelback; specifically the “Dark Horse” album

Not a lot of people see the beauty in Nickelback’s music in my opinion. For me, I discovered a deeper love of the band during my relationship in more ways than one. They sing about love, sex, heartbreak, lost memories, drinking, money and so much more to the point where you cannot find a song that does not relate to something you’ve been through. They will forever be one of my favorite bands for their ability just to make me feel something.

5.) Rob Thomas/Matchbox Twenty

There are very few voices in the music industry that give me chills and touch my soul as effectively as Rob Thomas. Through his words and his raspy delivery, I can feel my wounds heal as he serenades me into a brighter day. I specifically love listening to “Little Wonders,” which was featured on the “Meet the Robinsons” soundtrack, “Someday,” from his solo album “Cradlesong,” “Unwell” and “Overjoyed,” which were done with Matchbox Twenty.  

6.) SoMo; specifically “Back to the Start” and “Just a Man”

Everyone who loves music I feel finds “their” artist: the one person they can relate to more than anyone else in the music industry. For me it is SoMo; who breeds an intense hybrid of R&B/Pop music that is both edgy and dreamy. He sings so fondly of women and loving them so strongly it almost breaks them. This strong desire and passion I feel through his music resonates with my desire to show unconditional love for someone special. It is to the point that I have selected “Just a Man” to be my wedding song.

Of course there are so many more songs and artists that make up my life’s soundtrack, but these are a few that mean the most to me. These are some that I constantly revert back to, always remember their significance and came at pivotal moments in my life. Music is a great tool to help guide us through our lives and reflect on what we have been through. So I encourage all of you to take a look back and see what music makes up who you are.

David Cifarelli, a senior, studies English and Italian. He is the Editor in Chief of Le Provocateur.

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