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David Cifarelli


Following recent updates that the college was on the track to become a university, President Francesco Cesareo announced an official breakdown of four schools to make up the institution. On the first of the month, a general email was sent out to the college community announcing the new school structure that will follow the restructuring process.

As most universities do, students will be affiliated with a particular school based on the major they wish to pursue. In addition, students can also be affiliated with multiple schools, allowing them to study different programs with two schools. This flexibility fits into Assumption’s liberal arts mission. Students given the opportunity to pursue majors across separate disciplines will be able to receive a more a well-rounded education.

Working in the office of Admissions at the college, I have had first hand experience and knowledge of developmental changes at the institution. One development that was brought to my attention this past summer, with the implementation of the school’s nursing program among other new majors (Cybersecurity and Data Analytics), were claims that Assumption was removing its liberal arts education component. This, of course, was not true and the president of the college had to make this clear. Therefore with the implementation of these four, flexible schools will ensure that Assumption still prides itself on a liberal arts education.

The four schools are listed as the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, the School of Nursing, the School of Health Professions, and the School of Graduate and Professional Studies. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will include all of the Humanities-based programs. The School of Business will focus on all undergraduate programs in the business department as well as the Masters of Business program

As of now and based off the information provided to myself, the School of Nursing is the only school and major that students will have to apply to separately. There are also certain standardized testing and grade point average requirements to be accepted into the program. This will ensure that students interested in pursuing nursing already have certain credentials to continue their education in the health professions field. 

The School of Health Professions, however, will not only incorporate the Health Sciences department, it will also include the Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies and Physician Assistant Studies programs. The latter is also one of the latest initiatives at Assumption.

The School of Graduate Programs will house all the other institution’s graduate programs. The school will also include the division for adult learners (currently known as CCE), the Beck Institute for Cognitive Studies and the Institute for School Counseling and Social Psychology.

Other developments surrounding the school’s university status include the development and construction of the nursing building. The construction is to take place sometime this spring. In addition students already admitted for the class of 2023 have been the first members of school to be accepted into the nursing program. This will ensure that by the time they round out their first year at Assumption, these nursing students will have access to a more specified building for their education.

Keep on the lookout for more updates on the college’s move to a university as the semester wears on.

David Cifarelli, a senior, studies English and Italian. He is the Editor-In-Chief of Le Provocateur.

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