Family and Friends of Erin Rodriques ’12 Celebrate Book Release in Her Memory

Published 3 years ago -

David Pepin, Editor-in-chief

On November 13th, Kathy Rodriques, the mother of Erin Kate Rodriques ‘12 held a tribute presentation in Erin’s memory and a book signing for her book The Loudest Quiet Girl: Messages of Hope in a Dark World, a collection of Erin’s inspirational journal entries she wrote over the course of her life.

Though she passed away suddenly at the age of 23 in 2013, Erin’s memory and influence continues to live on through her mother’s book and on campus. Outside of Switzer, near the crossroads of the sidewalks going toward Fuller and Tsotsis, there is a memorial garden dedicated to her memory.

The event featured an emotional tribute video showing some pictures from Erin’s life alongside her mother Kathy’s narration. After Kathy gave her presentation, audience members were invited to come up on stage to the podium to share their own personal stories in remembrance of Erin.

“Everyone kind of echoes the same sentiment about Erin,” Jordan Aubin ‘16 said. “She had this sort of approach-ability and this energy about her that she was just able to be friends with just about anyone.”

“Just in the year that I knew her, we pretty much instantly became friends,” Aubin said.

After discovering a journal containing some inspirational journal entries that Erin had made, her mother Kathy decided to compile them into a single book, which was available for purchase after the presentation.

“As a parent, it’s important that our children are remembered,” Kathy Rodriques said. “It’s been six years and I began to wonder if people still think about her, but then I came to an event like this and you see that people’s hearts are still there.”

After the presentation portion of the night, there was a reception in the lobby of Tsotsis with drinks and snacks offered. There was also a place for audience members to get their books signed by Kathy, and to continue to share their stories of Erin’s life.

“An event like this means everything,” Stephanie Plotkin, a friend of Erin’s, said. “It’s just a celebration of her life, instead of dwelling on her passing, we’re really celebrating the life that she lived and the messages that her mom and dad are trying to bring to everyone in the world.”

Despite being known as a quiet girl, Erin was well involved on campus, a member of Merely Players and the very first Photo Editor of Le Provocateur.

“She touched all ages of people,” Kathy Rodriques said. “It makes my heart very happy to see people come together and remember her like this.”

The book is available on several platforms electronically including Amazon, Google Play Books and Apple Books

David Pepin, a senior, studies English Writing and Mass Communications, and Marketing. He is the Editor-in-chief of Le Provocateur

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