Through the Eyes of a First Year Student

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Our first semester of freshman year is ending very quickly. According to the calendar, we’ve only studied at Assumption college for three months, but it feels much longer than that.

When we all arrived on campus on August 23rd, we didn’t know what to expect.  Millions of questions rushed through our heads as we moved into our dorms and began Fall Orientation. We thought to ourselves, “Why are we here,” “Why did we choose Assumption,” “What are we going to major in,” “Are we going to make any friends,” “Are we going to join any clubs?” At that point, 87 days ago, we did not know the answers to these questions. We didn’t know if we were going to like it here or if we were going to fit in.

But, as the weeks passed on, we grew more comfortable.  We settled into our friend groups, we worked hard in our classes, we joined extracurricular activities, and we practiced our sports. Now that we are entering the very last full week of the semester, we as freshmen have become immersed in the Assumption culture.  We are just as much hounds as the seniors who have been here for four years.

Personally, I chose Assumption because I witnessed the community that our students share and that is something that I saw myself wanting to be a part of.  Not only could I visualize myself being part of hound nation, but I learned that I could find my new home in the hound community.  When I first got here to the school, I honestly did not know what I was going to get involved in, what classes I would be interested in and not interested in, and who I would be able to call my friends.  But now, at the end of my first semester, I am very actively involved on campus, I have found my interests for the future, and I feel comfortable with my peers around me.  Right now, I am an International Business Major, and I plan to minor in both Political Science and Spanish.  I am also currently the Weekend Entertainment Sub chairperson for the Campus Activities Board, and I volunteer as a Student Ambassador with Admissions.  I am very happy to have found a home within Campus Ministry as well.  Back home I was very involved in my church community, whether it be with a leadership position or performing community service in the local area.  That is something that has really contributed to me as a person and the development of my character, so I am glad that I can continue this is college.  I am a peer minister for Salisbury Hall and I also volunteer for SEARCH retreats, which is a program for pre confirmation teens from the Worcester area. As you can see, I keep myself very busy. But, the great thing about what I have found here at Assumption is that no matter how far I go, and how involved I get, I still feel like I can be even more involved with the spirit of campus.

Looking to the future, we have our first round of final exams fast approaching.  I know it will be hard, but I know it is also something that I can be very much prepared for.  I am happy to have made all my memories thus far at Assumption and I am looking forward to all the memories that we as a freshman class are going to make in the future.  I see what the upperclassmen have, in terms of the pride and joy they take in wearing blue and white and being a greyhound, and I am glad that I can say I feel the same way about the school and I feel like I’m an active part of the community.


Jared Curci, a first year, studies International Business. He is a staff writer for Le Provocateur

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