The Last Issue of the Semester

Published 3 years ago -

Sarah ArdolinoArts & Entertainment Editor

To honor the name of my column and this issue being the last of the semester, I have decided to compose a list of some of my arbitrary thoughts from the past few weeks. And at this point of my writing career for the Provoc, I am known for writing out lists, so enjoy.

  1. A few weeks ago, I deleted my Instagram account for the second time this year. At the end of last semester/beginning of summer, I realized how much time I was wasting on the app. I would mindlessly scroll through my feed for hours throughout the day. The discover page was my addiction, and I would always stay up late staring at my screen instead sleeping. Also, I found myself using the app as a way to not only judge myself, but others. It became so negative and unhealthy. I would compare myself to others on the app who seemed like their lives were perfect. Everyone was happier, prettier, skinner or cooler than me. Sadly, and this is hard to admit, I also used to judge others for the content they would post. So, I took a break. At first it was hard. I kept wanting to scroll, or every time I took a picture, I would think of a caption for it to post online, which was very odd. I wanted to see what my followers were posting. I was so engrossed in the Instagram “culture” as a college aged girl. But, as time went on, I stopped caring. I no longer wanted to scroll, post pictures or look at my follower’s posts. I learned that I did not have to post a picture online to prove I did something cool. I can just enjoy the moment and take pictures for myself, not others.

At the beginning of this school year, I had an urge to redownload the app. It was senior year after all, why not post a few pictures of my adventures for fun? I found myself falling back into my old behaviors. After scrolling for a little bit, I would feel so negative and down on myself. I started judging others more and questioning why they would post certain pictures. I would care about things that did not matter. So, I deleted it again and honestly, I could not be happier. It is so refreshing to not be a slave to social media. I do not feel the need to constantly check something. I no longer feel judgmental or down on myself because I am comparing myself to other’s Instagram accounts.

I challenge whoever is reading this to delete your Instagram. It will be weird at first, but so rewarding.

  1. I cannot believe that it is already December. As I said in my column last week, it feels like midterms and Halloween was just last week. Now, my roommates and I are listening to Christmas music, drinking hot chocolate and preparing for finals season. It is crazy that this is my last fall semester ever and it went by so quick. Next semester, my last semester of college, is going to go by even faster, and I am not sure if I am ready yet. I am just trying to enjoy the final weeks I have here this year and not think about graduation too much.
  2. “Christmas Time is Here (Instrumental)” from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is arguably the best Christmas song. It is so peaceful and beautiful. I am currently listening to it as the snow is gently falling down and I could not feel more content.
  3. To continue to the topic of Christmas, I think Classic Christmas music is the best Christmas music. Every year, I listen to the Christmas Classics playlist on Spotify. The classics make me feel nostalgic and help me appreciate the beauty of the holiday season. There is something so magical about listening to Classic Christmas music around the holidays with the people you love.
  4. I believe that friends can be soulmates. We can also have more than one soulmate. Recently, my friend from home told me that she met her “platonic bae.” They like all the same music and think very similar. I totally agree with the idea of having a platonic soulmate. This past summer I was pondering the idea when I was reflecting on the people in my life; I believe all my friends are meant to be in my life. I feel so connected to certain people and that connection is too strong to be arbitrary.

Song of the week: “Wonderful Christmastime,” Paul McCartney

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