Unpopular Opinion: Christmas Music Is Overrated

Published 3 years ago -

Alicia Burrows, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

At this time of year, practically every radio station you turn to is playing Christmas music. The familiar tunes of Jingle Bells and Let it Snow fill grocery stores, cafes, pharmacies and even the local bars. Is there anywhere you can go where you will not be bombarded with the holiday spirit?

Don’t get me wrong: I love Christmas. It is such a special time of year; where families come together to celebrate, strangers perform random acts of kindness and little kids get so excited for Santa to come down the chimney on Christmas Eve. Personally, I am always so excited to start singing those classic Christmas tunes the day after Thanksgiving, but then a week later I have had enough. How many artists will come out with “new” and “unique” covers of Last Christmas before they start working on actual original music. Some artists have bravely released original Christmas songs over the years, such as Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe,” Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me” and Taylor Swift’s “Christmas Tree Farm.” However, these songs are no better than the classic Christmas tunes because they are still just as cheesy and cringe-worthy. How many songs do I really need to hear about your depression because its Christmas and your boyfriend just dumped you? We get it, last Christmas, you gave him your heart, and then he stomped all over it. It’s a hard time of year to be single, but I do not need to hear 50 different songs reminding me how lonely it can be.

Even the cheerful classics, like Sleigh Ride and Feliz Navidad, will make you want to drill your eardrums out after hearing five different covers of them on the radio within the same hour. This begs the question, why do we listen to Christmas music? Why don’t any other holidays have a collection of classic songs? And don’t try to tell me Halloween music is a thing because we all know the Monster Mash is the only real Halloween song. Have you ever heard a song about Valentine’s Day, Independence Day or Easter? Nope, neither have I.

So, sorry to rain on your parade if you wait 11 months every year to finally get to listen to Santa Baby without being judged. Think about all the music in the world that you have yet to listen to, yet every December you listen to the same 12 songs? It just seems boring. And don’t even get me STARTED on all of the controversy behind Baby, It’s Cold Outside. She clearly said that she really can’t stay, so just let the poor woman go home.

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