You Do Not Have to Have It All Figured Out

Published 3 years ago -

Sarah Ardolino, Arts & Entertainment Editor

As an underclassman, I was always scared to become a senior. All the seniors before me appeared to be so old and wise. It seemed like they had their lives together and everything all planned out for after graduation. As a first-year student and sophomore, I did not even have a major, never mind know what I wanted to do with my life post grad. My life was so far away from the lives of upperclassmen. Also, I did not think I would be ready for all the “lasts” of college life, the job hunting, entering the “real world” and becoming an actual adult.

Now, as a senior, I still do not have much figured out. Of course I have a major now (English Mass Communications) and an idea of what I what to do post-graduation (journalism or social media marketing), but I do not know what I am doing, and I am not stressing about it like I thought I would. I think no one really has it all figured out, even if they appear to, and that is okay. Instead of dwelling about the lasts and life after college, I am just enjoying the moment and the now, and all the wonderful things senior year has thrown at me.

This year, I have become the Arts & Entertainment Editor of Le Provocateur. In years past, I just casually wrote for the paper and showed up to the meetings biweekly, but that was about the extent of my contribution to the club. Being an editor is definitely one of my favorite things about senior year so far because how much more involved I am with the paper. There is so much more work that goes into getting the student-run newspaper published biweekly than what meets the eye. As an editor, I have to find writers for my section, edit the student written articles, format the pieces and double check that everything is cohesive and looks good. When each new issue gets released, I am so proud of not only all the effort I put into the Art & Entertainment section, but also of all our writers who put aside time during their busy weeks to write. It is so rewarding to see students, faculty and staff have a paper in their hands and to see them enjoy the hard work that went into producing it. For me, the best part of being an editor for Le Provocateur is when people engage and talk about the articles in the paper. My accounting professor, Professor Piwko, will always read my column and either talk to me about it after class or send me outside work that reminds him of my writing. It makes me smile every time.

Also, as a senior, I am able to live in The Valley a.k.a. senior housing. Somehow my roommates and I got lucky in the housing lottery and we were approved to live in the 5’s. Senior housing is amazing because we get to live so close to all our friends and fellow seniors. The multisport stadium is only a short walk away, so it is so easy to go to a game and cheer on our classmates or just see the scoreboard from our room if we do not feel like going out in the cold. A few weeks ago, The Valley put on “Around the World,” and all the seniors got together and celebrated the last weekend of fall semester together. It was so much fun and a great way to end the semester.

I have been a student at Assumption College since the fall of 2016. Since then, so much has happened, and I have met so many incredible people and made so many beautiful memories. For me, senior year is all about reflecting on my past three years as an undergrad student and cherishing the rest of my time here with the people I have grown up with and experienced so much with, both good and bad. I am forever grateful for all the people in my life that I have met at Assumption and I know for a fact that I have made life-long friends. I cannot wait to experience the rest of senior year/college with them and enjoy every minute we have left together.

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