The show of love? “The Bachelor” returns for its 24th Season

Published 3 years ago -

Iva Juka, Copy Editor

ABC’s television series “The Bachelor” is back on and it is as scandalous as ever. With this year’s bachelor being Peter Weber (or also known as Pilot Pete), viewers are interested to see how things will turn out. If you have been keeping up with the seasons, you would know that Weber did not have the best of luck in Season 23 with former bachelorette Hannah Brown. Brown left Weber for Jed, leaving him heartbroken. So when viewers found out that Weber was going to be the new Bachelor, it had everyone hooked.

The point of the show is for the chosen bachelor/bachelorette to find love at the end of the season. In this new season, Weber is introduced to 30 beautiful women, all of which hold different characteristics yet maintain one goal; to win Weber’s heart. During the introduction stage in the first episode, Weber demonstrates excitement as he meets the 30 women who will be on the hunt for his love. Each bachelorette presents themselves with creative, yet cute ideas when introducing themselves. For example, Courtney rode in on a comical tiny airplane that looked like she was pedaling, and Eunice who wore a pair of angel wings and told him she was going to “wing it.” She later on states, “I’m here for the flight reasons,” in reference to Weber being a pilot. It is interesting to see what extent the bachelorettes will go to get noticed by Weber.

Weber finishes the introduction stage, or at least he thought he did until a limo arrives. He is confused and thinks there must be something off because he was positive he had met a total of 30 women. Soon after, Brown comes out of the car and Weber displays an expression of shock. She casually walks over to him and tells him she has something to give him for luck in finding the right one for him. Brown gives back the badge of wings that Weber gave her during the introduction of her season. It is a kind gesture, but all of the women in the house are confused and seem to be upset.

“The Bachelor” is no stranger when it comes to conflict between two people fighting for someone’s love. Throughout the last three episodes of this season, there has been at least one argument with two bachelorettes in every episode. At the moment (without giving away any spoilers) Hannah Ann seems to be the least liked bachelorette from the other women because “she is always winning” as Victoria (the shy bachelorette) says. Hannah Ann has portrayed that she is willing to do anything to get Weber’s attention even if it means “accidently” pop someone else’s champagne bottle that they have been saving for over a year. If you do not keep up with “The Bachelor,” this may all seem foolish and silly, but it is very entertaining. I would recommend this show to anyone who is interested in drama filled, yet comedic genres. It does a great job at catching the viewers’ attention.

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