Should students be required to learn multiple languages?

Published 3 years ago -

Domenico Colace, Online Editor

Students should be required to learn a second language for multiple reasons and all of them are positive. Learning a new language is a wonderful experience that everyone should be allowed to have in life. It brings the world together and connects people that would otherwise not have known each other.

When a person learns a new language, it changes the way his brain thinks and processes information. This allows for new doors to open and new perspectives to be had when one encounters something new. Many students outside the United States are required to learn a second language. Often times they must learn English because it is the most common language around the world, but it is also one of the more difficult languages to learn which means American students have an advantage already.

American students should be required to learn a second language because it allows them to improve their lives academically, professionally and personally. As of right now, by not requiring elementary and secondary students to learn a second language, they are at a disadvantage to those who are fluent in multiple languages. Academically, not only can bilingual students take a wide array of classes but they can take them abroad, or taught in other languages as well. Professionally, knowing a second language can broaden one’s work as well as open up new opportunities to travel and see the world. Personally, a second language will afford students the opportunity to befriend others from different countries and backgrounds, allowing the world to come together and respect and understand each other.

Learning another language brings people of different cultures together. It allows people to understand each other and to understand where they come from. Language makes the world beautiful and unites it together and that is why students should learn another language, not just for themselves but each other.

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