Dear Kobe: A Note From A Celtic’s Fan

Published 3 years ago -

Tim Forde, Staff Writer

Dear Kobe,

I hated you.

I hated your signature turnaround jumper that seemed unstoppable. I hated how relentless you were when you drove to the basket and somehow always came up with some sort of majestic finish. I hated your multilingual capabilities that allowed you to communicate with your foreign teammates. I hated that you were only 17-years-old when you were drafted. I hated that you got to play all 20 years of your career with your beloved Los Angeles Lakers. I hated how much you loved the game of basketball.

You loved the game more than anybody.

I loved watching you lose in the 2008 Finals to my Boston Celtics. I loved that you sat and watched Paul Pierce win the Finals MVP. I especially hated when you came back and won back to back championships in 2009 and 2010. I hated that you tore your Achilles’ and were robbed of your chance to win your 6th championship, as your mentor, Michael Jordan, did before you . I hated that you were never really the same Black Mamba after that injury.

I hated that everytime that I shot a basketball, I would shout “Kobe”. I hated that I loved your Mamba Mentality and admired your will to never give up. I hated that I owned multiple pairs of your Nike sneakers and felt cool wearing them. I hated how much I respected you, regardless of your sexual assault and rape allegations. I loved that even though you were considered not guilty, you publicly apologized and learned from your mistakes. I loved that you chose to dedicate your life after basketball to being the best father possible.

I hate that I really did not hate you at all.

I hate that you were taken from this world.

I hate that you are gone.

Thank you Kobe Bryant.

Rest in Peace.

With endless love and respect,

A Celtics fan

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