Same Air: Severity of the Coronavirus

Published 3 years ago -

Seth Bogoslofski, Staff Writer

The eighth case in the United States of the infamous Coronavirus was confirmed in Boston, as a student of the University of Massachusetts reported a runny nose a day after his return from Logan International Airport. The 20-year-old man tested positive for the virus, after returning to America from a trip to Wuhan, China. The first case of Coronavirus in New England has gained national attention. With the man being quarantined within his residence, the entire United States has become restless regarding the spread of the virus.

Novel Coronavirus 2019 is an upper-respiratory illness that originated in Wuhan, China. It is spread through saliva, much like the flu, and can be identified by a fever, cough and shortness of breath, and ultimately can result in death. According to the Wall Street Journal, the death toll has exceeded 360 people, with more than 17,000 confirmed infections total. Coronavirus has no known cure, putting the entire world on edge as the virus moves out of China.

The question we ask ourselves is: should we be worried? Although it is a personal preference, every person should pay a little bit more attention to hygiene. Being on a college campus puts students in close quarters the entire day, from the dining hall, classrooms and residence halls. Living with other people in a cramped space can also lead to increased sickness. Since the virus is spread by saliva, if one person at a college were infected it is possible to infect

30+ people in the matter of one day. The easy transmission of the virus means that it can infect a mass number of people in just a few days.

The Wall Street Journal tracked the spread of Coronavirus and within the span of one month, the confirmed cases count rose from 40 to over 14,500. On January 1st, 40 cases had been confirmed with zero confirmed deaths. By February 1st, 305 people were confirmed dead. The spread of the virus is a concern for many health officials as it can easily be spread and is hard to contain. The bottom line is that most viruses can be avoided by practicing good hygiene. Any person who feels sick should avoid being too close to other people, minimizing the risk of virus transmission.

As concerning as the issue is, the infected man in Boston did not appear to infect any other patrons aboard his flight or that made contact with him on his route home. This is positive news for anyone living in the Northeast region of the United States. Quarantining the student has secluded him from the rest of society. This will keep other people from involuntarily coming into contact with him and will also allow medical staff to begin isolated treatment to combat the virus. The CDC has always provided protection from diseases and viruses of that magnitude, and they shall continue to do so. The Coronavirus is capable of becoming a pandemic, if the spread of the virus is not contained to perfection. Because there is no cure, the virus can become global at any minute.

The key to the safety of the United States is protection at our borders. No person should be traveling to Wuhan, China or around anybody that has been infected with the virus. Proper security in United States airports will protect against the Coronavirus and keep it from entering our country without detection. As coverage of the virus floods the internet there is no need to panic. Washing hands regularly and practicing good hygiene will result in a safe and healthy

lifestyle. The government is working to contain each case of Coronavirus in the United States. Research is being performed on the subjects, as they have been quarantined from the outside world. The bottom line is this: don’t travel to Wuhan and wash your hands

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