Best Place to Cry On Campus

Published 3 years ago -

Alicia Burrows, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Maybe you got a really bad grade on a test. Maybe you are beyond stressed about a project you have coming up. Or maybe Chucks is out of Ben & Jerry’s and now your night is completely ruined. Whatever the reason, sometimes you have to just cry it out. However, if you broke down sobbing in the middle of Tsotsis on the way to class, you might get some concerned looks from friends, classmates, and even your professors. So, if you need a good place to let your emotions out, here are a few suggestions

1. By the duck pond. When it is not freezing out, sitting by the duck pond can be very relaxing. The ducks have no fear, and will often waddle up to you to keep you company. There is a very nice bench under the trees where you can sit and sob and only the geese will be able to hear you. However, be careful with this location, because if you go down during the middle of the day, there are many cars that could drive by and notice you.

2. Third floor study rooms in the library. Yes, specifically the study rooms, and specifically on the third floor. There is only a certain kind of person that goes to the third floor of the library (you know who you are). That is, you are either a very dedicated student who needs complete silence to get their work done, you are a procrastinator and your final is tomorrow and you haven’t started studying, or you are just an emotional mess. Not many people go to the third floor, so the study rooms up there are a nice, secluded space where you can cry your eyes out.

3. The chapel. Sometimes, the only person patient enough to listen to your problems is Jesus. For this reason, the chapel is a perfect place to cry. It is usually pretty empty during the day, and at night (unless mass or other events are going on). So as long as you

time it right, you are pretty much guaranteed to score some peace and quiet to let your emotions run wild.

4. The practice rooms in Founders. Many don’t even know these rooms exist, but in the bottom floor of Founders there are a few small rooms with pianos in them that are the perfect size for you to sit in, maybe with a dedicated friend, and sob. As a plus, you can close the door and play some dramatically depressing music and anyone who may walk by will hear the music and just assume you are using the practice room to, well practice for something musically related.

5. Your room. This one may seem obvious, but your room can be a pretty great place to cry. You can even scream if you want, and the only people that will be concerned are your roommates (and those who live next door). Sometimes the best place to be depressed is your own bed, so you can lie alone and take pity on yourself and think about how you ended up with a life so sad.

6. The upstairs floor of IT. In my opinion, IT is underrated. It’s a very relaxing place to study, and the top floor has a pretty nice view of the chapel and the piazza. It is occasionally pretty busy during the day, but at night it is quiet, and there are some comfortable couches where you can just sit quietly and cry to yourself while trying to get your homework done.

7. The performance hall in Tsotsis. This location is perfect for the most dramatic criers. Believe it or not, the performance hall is often unlocked, and you can sneak in to find a large, open room perfect for regurgitating your feelings. You can either sit in the audience in a dark corner and sob quietly, or, for the most dramatic of us, kneel on stage and sob as if it were a performance. The best part of the latter option is if someone

happened to walk in, you could just say you were practicing for Romeo and Juliet, and you are Juliet and have just found out Romeo has died.

For all of the criers out there, I’m sure you have cried in one of these places at least once, how about you try a new one. And for those who are looking for a good place to cry, please use these suggestions (but don’t be surprised if you see someone you know crying there)!

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