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Skyler Hesch, Campus Life Editor

I always refer to my sister Ryleigh as the best friend God knew I needed. I obviously cannot remember my exact reaction when she was born 18 months after me, but I knew I loved her very much and could not wait for her to grow up so I could have someone to play with. Life was never boring with Ryleigh. We came up with contraptions to get our cat out from under the bed, fought our little brother in the hall when we were supposed to be sleeping, played house, Barbies, babies, and polly pockets, and adventured outside together around our 37 acres. To this day, she is my ultimate and forever best friend, a person that gives the best advice and always points me in the right direction, and makes me laugh harder than anyone I know. She is truly a friend I will have forever.

My first best friend’s name was Amber. She was about a month older than me, so I guess you could say that we grew up together, especially since our moms were best friends. We had weekly playdates and attended the same church, so our friendship came easily. We spent a lot of time playing outside, riding bikes, and jumping on the trampoline, but also played with baby dolls and board games. Over the years we slowly grew apart, each of us having different lives and friends and things we were interested in, but I still appreciate the innocence of our friendship and will always remember Amber as my first friend.

My second best friend is Brittany. She lived right up the road walking distance from my house. Considering where I live in rural upstate New York, the fact we lived so close to one another is special. We rode the bus together and got into quite a bit of mischief at times; needless to say, we have a lot of stories to tell and things to reminisce on. One of my favorite stories revolves about this club my sister, Brittany, and I had this club called “Tree Trio.” We met in the woods to build forts, make fake food out of mud and plants, and eat slim jims and candy from Brittany’s house. After one meeting in early spring, Brittany and I both developed itchy rashes

all over our bodies, especially on our faces. These rashes are also known as poison ivy. At school the next day, many of our classmates in seventh grade thought we had somehow gone through puberty overnight, confusing the poison ivy with acne. We have had some ups and downs, but we have remained best friends over the years. She’s someone I can always count on.

My third best friend is Gabby. We became best friends in third grade. Our friendship turned into hanging out nearly every single night and weekend. Gabby was loud and outgoing, I was quiet and on the shyer side. We were very unlikely friends on paper, but we were inseparable. In the beginning of eighth grade, Gabby’s parents got divorced. Her mom moved out and her dad was not home much, so Gabby started to live with my family. She was already spending a lot of time at my house and with my family, but living together made us more like sisters. After she moved to Schenectady, we slowly drifted apart but we have kept in touch over the years and recently have grown closer again, just like the old days. True friends always find their way back to one another.

In high school my best friend’s name was Avery. We met on the soccer team and clicked instantly. We played soccer and track together, and often played the same positions and ran the same events. During practices we sang songs and joked around with our coach, while getting the workout done. Outside of sports, we went to church together and played music. I even dated her older brother for a time (no, I do not recommend dating your best friend’s older brother). She and I started to hang out with my sister Ryleigh and her friend Mariah. We all became best friends through sleep overs and track and soccer and chorus and band. We truly did everything together. I was the first to go away to college, then Avery, then Mariah and Ryleigh. We are all still friends, but college changes things. We aren’t as close anymore, but I will always treasure all the memories we have with one another.

Throughout college, I did not really have a best friend. I have lots of friends, but none that I ever identified as a best friend. That all changed this year when I became roommates with Tess. I would not say that Tess and I clicked instantly, but we became fast friends, confiding in one another about our problems and heartaches. We have spent many nights staying up way too late talking and laughing about things that probably are not even that funny. We share clothes (mainly she wears my clothes) and secrets. She is everything I ever wanted in a best friend and I am so glad senior year brought us together.

Growing up, my mom always told me “Some friends come into your life for a reason, others just for a season.” That quote has always stuck with me. I’m so grateful to have the friends I do, friends that I can always count on for solid advice and a laugh. To all of my friends I’ve had, past present and future, thank you.

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