Leap Day Everyday

Published 3 years ago -

Maggie Buckley, Staff Writer

We have all heard of movies, books and TV shows that deal with the “inspiring” day that is February 29. Characters seize the day, try to accomplish the impossible, admit to the love of their life their feelings. But, I think all of that is dumb. I think that Leap Day is overrated.

Before anyone comes for my head, allow me to explain: I think that every day should be like that. Why do we allow ourselves to get swept up in the dull and doldrum that is life? Why is it that we so often go through the motions and forget why we are doing what we are doing? Why do we allow one day that happens every four years to remind us of our shortcomings? Of what we have yet to accomplish? One day every four years that reminds us to take a breath and do something exciting.

I think that we should seize every day. I think that every time the sun rises it gives us a new chance to try something new, to accomplish our own impossible and to love shamelessly. I think that Leap Day presents people with an opportunity that every day presents us, something we just fail to recognize.

The idea that one extra day is added to the calendar once every four years is pretty cool. In fact, I think that is fascinating. However, I do not think we should let that one day be the only day we actually live. Every day is special. Every day is a good day to be alive.

So, tell someone you love them. Try something you have always wanted to try. Take a breath of fresh air. Stop to smell the roses. Leave your inhibitions at home and live. But do not wait for February 29. Do it today.

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