Who is AC Squirrels?

Published 3 years ago -

Kenneth Allard, Staff Writer

One day while I was scrolling through good old Instagram, I came across this Instagram account called “ac_squirrels.” My first thought was “Awww that’s extremely cute that someone made an instagram page for our squirrels,” but I also thought that this person clearly had too much time on their hands.

This Instagram account later started hyping up other clubs on campus by photoshopping items associated with the clubs like t-shirts, onto pictures of squirrels. CAB received a picture of a squirrel with our Welcome Week shirt on a squirrel and a second image with money on the squirrel’s hand for another CAB event. PROVOC, PAWS, The Republican Club and Orientation have all received similar images and comments on their page from ac_squirrels.

One day I tried to figure out who they were by sending them a picture through Instagram of a squirrel. It disappeared and I asked them for their email (figuring they would give me their student email). Whoever this person is went the EXTRA mile to create a gmail for the squirrels and told me that the page was run by actual squirrels. Other people on campus such as Alicia Burrows have also tried to find out who runs the account. The page covers up their tracks by deleting all the messages they receive through their DMs so students cannot analyze them.

The page has lately been on a hiatus. Maybe because they know people are onto them or maybe because it’s almost midterms. Either way, we want to know who ac_squirrels is.

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