This is Not the End

Published 3 years ago -

Gina Savino, Sports Editor

Hey Hounds. Just like that, the spring semester is over. With that being said, sports all around have been put on hold. Here at Assumption, our spring sports were not able to play this season. For seniors, they have lost their last season. For first years, their debut into college athletics was lost. For everyone in between, months of preseason workouts and out of season work was not able to be used to its fullest potential and realized in spring competition.

I, like other spring athletes, went into our spring break expecting it to be the beginning of a fantastic season. It felt selfish of me to be so upset that I was losing a season when there was a global pandemic behind the decision. It felt wrong of me to want to be angry for not only me but also my team. It had felt like we had put in months of work for nothing. But I have had a lot of reflecting time since then, in between online classes and getting in my at-home workouts.

Instead of focusing on what we lost, we need focus on what we have, and what we’ve gained. The rowing team welcomed new walk-on teammates this year, in addition to our recruits. We are more a family now than ever. We will miss our two seniors greatly and it will be hard to move into our next season without them, but we know that they will continue to be a part of our program and our family in the future. Next fall will come, and a new set of first years will come, and we will welcome them in and be able to tell them that now we know that no regatta, no race, no practice is guaranteed, and every moment out on the water should be like your last, because when we got off the water while still in Cocoa Beach, none of us had known it was going to be the last time.

This is not the end. This is merely the beginning of an epic new start for not just our team, but all of the teams at Assumption. The sports world is ready for its return, and when they can, I’m sure that we will be ready.

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