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Published 3 years ago -

Skyler Hesch, Campus Life Editor

I’ve been staring at this blank page for several days now. Filling these two pages with 12 point Times New Roman font means saying goodbye, and saying goodbye has never been one of my strong suits. I prefer to say hello, but as my eighth semester at Assumption College comes to a close, I have no choice but to write my last Skyler’s Sentiments column, so here are some thank yous to the English department and the college that are long overdue.

To Professor Hodgen: During the fall of my senior year of high school, I came to tour the campus and sit in on an English Composition class. You walked in slightly late, a ball cap on your fuzzy head and your famous bag covered in pins on your shoulder. I walked out of your class feeling inspired. I went to the registrar, picked up a course offerings book, and circled all of your classes on the way home. A year later, I was sitting in the same class, but as an actual student. In that class, I found my writer’s voice, told stories I never thought I’d be able to tell, and learned what it means to be brave. Thank you for being my advisor, supporting my dreams, and inspiring me.

To Professor Ramsey: It’s been awhile since I’ve been in one of your classes, but I will never forget them. Your classes gave me the chance to finally read all the books and great authors I’d heard about my whole life, but never picked up to read. Once I picked them up, I never wanted to put them down. From Dickens to Austen to Hardy to the Bronte sisters, I learned so much about great writing, but also about life. Thank you for teaching these classes – they are extremely special and your passion for these topics is beautiful.

To Professor Thoreen: There is no way I would have ever been able to declare a major in both English Literature and English Writing and Mass Communications without your help. Thank you for being so patient with me as we planned out my classes for every semester and got approval for me to take more English classes than the usual number allowed. I’d also like to say

thank you for being such a great professor. I always looked forward to going to your 20th Century Jewish-American Fiction class where the material made me think on a deeper level. Thank you for challenging me and pushing me to do my best work for the colloquium presentation. It is because of you that I understand modernism, realism, and postmodernism (as much as they can be understood).

To Professor Land: Where do I begin? I’ve been in so many of your classes the school should just make me a permanent part of them by now. It will be really weird not being in one next semester. Over the years, your classes have not only pushed me to be a better writer, but a better member of the community as well. If it wasn’t for you, I probably would have never minored in Community Service Learning, and would have missed out on one of the most rewarding parts of my college experience. Your dedication to serving others is inspiring and admirable. You truly care about each student and embody what it means to do things with great love. Thank you for being such a great example.

To Professor Gilbert: I put off taking Argument and Persuasion for as long as I could because I did not want to get a bad grade… Thank you for teaching me that grades are not everything in life – truly learning and understanding the material is much more important. I definitely learned a lot and I am glad I finally took the class. And thank you for always checking in with your students, it is very much appreciated.

To Professor Ady: Thank you for always calling on me when I least expected it ( I always made sure to do my readings just in case) and always making me laugh. You’re a funny guy and your classes were always interesting and eye-opening.

To Professor DiBiasio: Although I never took any of your classes, it was awesome working with you through Sigma Tau Delta. You are such a sweet and kind lady.

In short – thank you to the entire English department. Most of you put up with me (and all the papers I wrote the night before they were due) on multiple occasions, so thank you for all you’ve taught me over the years. I truly appreciate you all more than I can express.

To Assumption College: I’ll try to keep this short. Thank you for being my home for the best four years of my life (so far). This campus has watched me go from a shy, nervous, and quiet girl from a small town in Upstate New York to a brave, determined, and vocal woman who is not afraid to speak her mind or advocate for others. I owe this growth to all of the incredible opportunities Assumption College has given me over the years – CAB, Provoc, Agape Latte, MUSE, SEND, Sigma Tau Delta, and SOPHIA – to name a few. I guess there is not much else to say… I’m going to miss this place, all of my friends, and everyone who helped me get to where I am today – a college graduate!! Here’s to the future Assumption prepared me for!

Skyler is English Literature and English Writing and Mass Communications major for the Class of 2020.
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