Party Rock is (NOT) in the House Tonight

Published 2 years ago -

Danielle Schwalm, Opinion Editor

When someone says “College Experience”, there’s more to picture than just classrooms full of students. There’s extracurriculars, crowded dining halls, and perhaps most appealing: the college party. I, like most other people on campus, feel like I’m missing out on some character-building experiences. I miss being packed in a room like sardines, blaring music and dancing, and I definitely never imagined that my senior year would look like this.

For those of us on campus, it’s very tempting to try and ignore the community promise that we all signed. Most of us have been living with our parents since March, stir crazy and frustrated at the changing nature of everything around us. Those of us who are returning to Assumption are looking to gain back our sense of freedom, while those who are living here for the first time are just getting their first taste of independence. I can totally see why any of us would want to ignore the rules and throw a party—we’re all in the same boat here, I promise.

There are times, though, where we have to make some sacrifices for our safety and the safety of others. After listening to my friends from other schools discuss their COVID-19 policies, I genuinely believe that Assumption’s plan for this semester is better than any other that I’ve heard. The community promise that we signed seems almost guaranteed to keep us safe…so long as we actually follow it.

The big question is: what else can we do for fun around here? Gatherings cannot exceed eight people, inter-building visits aren’t allowed, we sometimes even need to wear a mask in our own rooms. I’ve found, through observation and experience, that one of the best things we can do right now is to utilize our outdoor space. There are plenty of areas that open themselves up to socially distant gatherings, and the weather has been beautiful. Outside of my residence hall, there have been people spread outside in lawn chairs every day this week. Going outside and getting fresh air is one thing that has given myself, and many others, a sense of normalcy during a very abnormal stretch of time.

So, whether you’re inside, outside, with friends or alone, make sure that you’re doing your part to make sure that your peers stay happy, healthy, and safe!

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