Life as a Remote Student

Published 2 years ago -

Grace Corbett, Staff Writer

Assumption University in the fall is beautiful. The turning foliage, the painted skies, and the fallen leaves that line the campus provide us with our wonderful corner of the world. The air gets crisp and the geese begin to flee, yet no one is turned away from an iced coffee from Dunks. There is nowhere else I would rather be at this time of year, and sadly, I am missing out.

This new normal that we have had to very quickly had to get used to consists of Zoom, FaceTime, and knowing exactly where your mask is at all times. Like all on campus students, remote students-like myself- have fallen into a routine of classes, homework, and (mostly take home) exams. We have created our nooks where we will have to motivate ourselves to be productive, driven by our memory of campus life.

For me, my desk houses three fall scented candles and soft warm lighting. The sun sneaks in through the window behind me and it is quiet where I sit. It reminds me of my favorite study spot on campus, the back corner of the third floor of the library. Candles not included, the same warm light would reach me there in the late afternoon after classes.

To pass my time and keep me busy, I also work at a bakery just outside of my town. There are plenty of tables outside that house many people throughout the day to study, read, eat, and socialize. I envy the people who get to come and sit with their friends after school to do homework and snack, just like my friends and I had last fall outside of Charlies. Our favorite spot to meet after morning classes and before the afternoon study hours. I cannot wait to be able to share in those moments again with my friends,

As our extended Spring Break turns to fall, it is bittersweet to think of my favorite places on campus, but it motivates me to keep going here at home. I love my routine and my little moments that take me back to my campus. To my fellow remote students, remember to take little moments for yourself throughout the day. Go for a walk, pick up a new hobby, try some new music. Remember to stay in contact with your roommates and friends and teammates. Send a letter, make a phone call, or FaceTime. Most importantly, remember your favorite places on campus and find those places in your life at home.

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