A Look at Our 2020 Autumn

Published 2 years ago -

Sydney TappanAssistant Editor-in-Chief / Campus Life Editor

There is no denying that this fall looks different than those prior. Nonetheless, there are still safe ways to celebrate the upcoming fall seasons. Here’s a few ideas to get you in the spirit:


Apple Picking – As September ends and October begins, apple picking is at its peak picking time. As long as you are comfortable, there are guaranteed to be apple orchards within driving distance to you with COVID-19 precautionary picking. It is recommended by most orchards that you bring a mask and allow for social distancing by staying away from crowds. Similar to public places, many orchards are also following enhanced safety procedures. This is still a fun tradition that can be continued by following safe precautions. Some Massachusetts Orchards near Assumption to check out are: Berlin Orchards, Tougas Family Farm, and Brookfield Orchards. Similarly, pumpkin picking season is quickly approaching as well.


Fall Foliage – New England is arguably one of the best places to be when summer fades and autumn rolls around. The northeast is full of hills and mountains that do their best to exemplify the colorful foliage that we are lucky to be exposed to yearly. You cannot go wrong with taking a drive upstate for a hike or picnic with family on a weekend afternoon. Take pictures and enjoy your time outside before it gets too cold.


Pumpkin Carving – Regardless of whether or not some of us are home or at school for the Halloween season, pumpkin carving is an easy and safe activity to enjoy with your family or roommates. It also requires little to no talent because no matter how long you spend tracing out a shape it almost never looks like you envisioned but that is totally okay!

Pumpkin seeds are also pretty delicious (when baked).


Halloween Movie Marathon – (Not recommended alone) Make a marathon out of watching spooky Halloween movies. Though a movie theater may be out of the question, you can make one out of your own living room. Decorate with lights and cuddle with blankets to watch “Halloween” if you are feeling brave or “Halloweentown” if you are more like me. Also don’t forget about snacks! (Reese’s Pieces mixed in a bowl of popcorn never fails)

My top five Halloween movies are:

  1. Hocus Pocus
  2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  3. A Nightmare on Elm Street
  4. Casper
  5. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown


Football Season – Whether it’s a Thursday night, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday night, football is the kickoff to the fall season. Regardless of your preference to the NFL or your favorite college team, it is the start to the beginning to the end of the year. Football starts and the rest of the year follows suit with the holidays and eventually the Superbowl. Though this fall looks a little different in regards to cheering on your favorite team, there are still ways to support them, even if that is from home from the comfort of your couch.

It is all about making the best of this situation while finding a balance between safety and normalcy.


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