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Joe Letizio, Arts and Entertainment Editor

In the new single Feel Like I Do which features Kygo and the rising artist Vin Diesel I am reminded of simpler times. In the three-minute song, there are several factors which just suggest that this will be a classic hit. While I am reminded of songs such as Summerthing by Afrojack & More Than You Know by Armin Van Buuren I know this too will be a classic at parties. (Given individuals remain 6ft apart). On Friday Sept. 25 Vin Diesel dropped the new dance track Feel Like I Do. The new song comes from Palm Tree Records, which is a Sony Music venture co-founded by Kygo. This single was produced by Petey Martin.

​            Although his introduction on Kelly Clarkson’s show is a little awkwardly posed in front of a microphone, considering the camera then cuts to Kelly’s virtual audience as the first minute or so of Vin’s song place, rhythm less dancing is seen. While this is not the best advertisement for Diesel’s new song, I would not worry so much about if this will negatively affect him as many are interested in listening to a new song considering that this is Vin’s first debut single.
Feel Like I Do:
Although there are no current plans for a music video yet, Diesel has expressed that this is a new world for him. While it is new, he is grateful to be able to make music. In full, Diesel describes this whole experience as being blessed by this new opportunity. Considering Diesel’s past in being various movies such as Fast & Furious I am curious if the soundtrack will feature Feel Like I Do, while this is now on people’s minds considering that Fast & Furious 9 will debut on April 2, 2021. Although Diesel is best know for his acting, he has made his passion for sining known several times before this single dropped. In fact, in 2013 he uploaded a video of him singing along to Rihanna’s Stay, as a Valentine’s Day gesture to his partner, Paloma Jimenez. Going along with this, in 2015 during MTV Movie Awards he sang See You Again while paying tribute to his friend/co-star Paul Walker. Perhaps, this is the last time we will see him again acting, as he may turn towards the music industry for his next big break, following the release of Fast & Furious 9.




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