Greenhounds Column: Link-Tree Provides Easy Ways to Go Green

Published 2 years ago -

Kelly Knutelski, Staff Writer

Many times, we want to commit ourselves to a more sustainable lifestyle, but the convenience of Amazon Prime’s 1-day shipping can get in the way. Other times we may want to educate ourselves on the environment but don’t know where to look without being overwhelmed by the multitude of resources out there. To solve this problem, Assumption’s Greenhounds have created a link-tree of sustainable alternatives, educational resources, and much more to make taking care of our Earth so much easier.


The sustainable alternatives section of the link-tree ranges from businesses that sell environment-friendly products to restaurants that are locally sourced. There’s several options provided for clothing brands such as Patagonia, which is B Corp and Fair Trade certified, and Tentree, which plants 10 trees for every item purchased. You can find skin care and beauty brands like Juice Beauty, which uses ingredients from USDA certified organic farms, and NOLA Skinsentials, a vegan and black-owned company that allows you to send back your old packaging. You can also find a list of local businesses in Worcester such as The Vegan Nest Cafe, which is family owned and locally sourced, and Seed to Stem, a store that sells plants, kitchen products, and much more. For those who aren’t currently living close to Worcester, there are links to more online-based businesses such as Wandering Bear Coffee and Well Earth Goods.


In addition, the Greenhounds link-tree provides educational resources in various forms. You can find documentaries such as Chasing Coral, which focuses on the impact of climate change on coral reefs, and a playlist of VOX documentaries about sustainability and biodiversity. If you someone who spends a good chunk of time on social media, you can have your feed full of information on climate change with the list of Instagram and twitter accounts provided. Also, if you’re just looking to help others help our planet, the link tree also provides a few local non-profits and grassroot organizations.


For those that want to become more in tune with nature, there’s links for you too. The Assumption iNaturalist page allows you to view hundreds of identified species of plants and critters on campus. You can also find a link to hiking trails in the Worcester area. In addition, a quiz to calculate your carbon footprint is provided so you can become more aware of your impact on the environment.


Greenhounds’ link-tree provides ways to help our planet and community, whether we are stuck on campus or in our homes. The link tree can be found in the Instagram bio of the Greenhounds account: au_greenhounds. You can also copy and paste this link into your own web browser:


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