Worcester Public Schools on COVID-19

Published 2 years ago -

Tabatha Criollo, Staff Writer

The virus COVID-19 continues to cause a lot of change. With requirements of wearing a mask and basic social distancing, it is easy to question if things will ever be the same again. This pandemic has effected every person in some way, especially the youth of today. It is hard to believe that many students have been out of school since March and April. The pandemic took the joy of prom or events that celebrate the last year of the senior class of 2020. As for the youth, it is interesting to imagine what they must be going through mental health-wise and how schools have made the transition of what was once face to face to now regular online classrooms. Worcester Public schools have done a good job of supporting minority communities who may be struggling through this time and finding ways to continue teaching to the younger generation.

The Worcester Public Schools have done an excellent job in helping students continue to receive an education through providing accessible supplies need to learn even though it is online. Free chrome books and Wi-Fi were administered to any student who did not have access to an electronic device or to internet. Free meals continue to be administered through a truck driving around neighboring streets. This truck is accessible to all children up until the age 22, even people involved in the English language learners program. It is important to have services like these to provide free meals to students who do not have the privilege to eat all three meals. Another food service provided is the P-EBT only offered to public school students, which distributes money into a card to help pay for groceries. This is helpful to any families struggling to put food on the table

Recently the Worcester Public schools have begun to reopen with strict restrictions. Although it is a slow process, it feels like everything slowly resuming to normal. But students who are staying remote continue to have the opportunity to do so and still can receive resources. One of the many resources offered is the opportunity to be tested for the coronavirus and receive flu shots at no cost. There’s also services offered by the Worcester public schools for families who are dealing with a loss in the family due to the coronavirus. As mentioned, the schools are working on ways to reopen and have set rules for in-person classes to work. School buses are spaced out and only allowing a certain amount of kids on certain days of the week. Classes are spaced out and divided into small cohorts to ensure safe distancing.

Everyone has struggled in some sort of way through this pandemic, whether it is mentally or physically.  For those who have struggled, there are resources available. As people going through the same thing, it is important to understand how vital this is and how largely it is affecting our nation. We all must wear our masks and sanitize. It is hard to say if life will go back to the time where a cough was not viewed as something so serious, but eventually schools will reopen and people will be able to safely hug their loved ones. COVID-19 has impacted everyone in different ways and to get through this we all must pitch in and do our part.


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