Spreading Holiday Cheer from Home

Published 2 years ago -

Erin Considine, Staff Writer

Everyone knows the expression, “home for the holidays,” but being quarantined at home away from our friends and family is not exactly what we imagine when we hear that phrase. The holiday season began with Thanksgiving. Many families were eating their holiday meal and celebrating over Zoom. Thanksgiving was definitely different, but adapting to change is something we have all gotten used to in 2020.

The rest of the holiday season is also going to look very different. Though we may not be attending the tree lightings, caroling, and other holiday traditions that we are used to, there is certainly no lack of holiday spirit. This year, people are eager to put up their holiday decorations earlier than usual to spread holiday cheer,  as it is much needed in 2020. Many people have already got their Christmas trees, hung up lights on their homes, or set up lawn decorations.

My family wasted no time after Thanksgiving to get our Christmas tree. The day after the holiday, we walked around the tree farm to find the perfect tree to bring home. It was a very hectic day at the tree farm. My mom explained, “As we walked through the farm, we noticed the extraordinary line to pay for your Christmas tree. Although it was still November, everyone was eager to bring cheer into their home.” Seeing all the lights and decorations definitely created a sense of happiness and togetherness that is important to have during these months.

This holiday season is fast-approaching. The reality is settling in that this season will look dissimilar from the traditions and gatherings that we have experienced in the past. For my family, the holidays are certainly going to look different this year since we are used to being surrounded by an abundance of friends and family. My mom says, “The holidays this year are going to be much more simple. There will not be the chaos, the people, and the abundance of food. However, out immediate family will find new ways to celebrate the holidays together.”

There are so many simple ways to celebrate and spread joy from your home. Some meaningful and easy ideas would included writing a letter to a friend, sending holiday cars to nursing/veterans’ homes, making cookies with your family, displaying decorations, or paining a kindness rock to place somewhere in town. Spreading kindness is something significant to keep in mind during the holiday season. Everyone could use kindness, especially after 2020.

In my hometown, people have been painting rocks and placing them all over the town since quarantine began. These simple reminders are excellent to see all around town and give you a positive reminder that maybe you didn’t even know you needed. During the holiday season, especially one that is undoubtedly strange compared to previous years, even a small rock could bring a lot of holiday cheer to someone during this time.

With all the holidays right around the corner, everyone needs to remember that there is still the opportunity to spread holiday cheer and make this a great holiday, even from a distance.

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