On My Current University

Published 2 years ago -

Maggie Buckley, Copy Editor

I’m just going to say it.
You’re obsessed with division.
It seems as if we were just here, discussing the divide between what is godly and what is good. I understand that the Catholic Church has a doctrine that it must uphold, as is with any religion. What I fail to understand is why you continue to sow hatred and division in such a tumultuous time. I thought you might have learned your lesson after so many students spoke out about the hurt you caused them. Maybe you would try to understand what was wrong with what you said, if not for the sake of others, then for your desire to protect the image of the school.
Clearly, I was wrong.
If we are meant to love one another and treat each other with kindness, then why do we permit the tantalization of vulnerable groups? Why do we celebrate the accolades of a man who condemns the LGBTQ+ community while also perpetuating restricting gender stereotypes?
In the article that you have so thoughtfully brought our attention to, the author attributes the “dark time” we are living in to same sex-couples and “the transgender craze.” In what world is this appropriate? Do you understand that you are attempting to undermine the lives of individuals who are simply brave enough to love one another? Brave enough to love themselves? In what world is that religion?
Not only does this man spur hate towards these individuals, but he also attempts to define women as resident household maids. He promises to take her out and maybe even help her with the laundry. He promises to tell his daughter that she is beautiful and his son that he is heroic, confining them to a life lived within pink and blue boxes, with gender expectations and unfair treatment. Charming.
You must understand that it is far too late to apologize. You cannot walk back comments that make others feel like they are illegitimate. Refusing to admit when you have allowed your religious beliefs to impact the safety of your students is simply unacceptable. It is disgusting. It is harmful. It is wrong. But the question is, do you see that?

Hello, my friends.
My fair-minded, loving friends.
It’s wild out here.
Hatred. Homophobia. Transphobia. Gender stereotypes. Political division. Hiding behind doctrine to justify vile, loathsome language. It’s a dark time for us. Thinking of you, though, all of you and your fearlessness, unapologetic attitudes, compassion for others, and your ability to stand up for what is right gives me hope.
I might not know you, but I feel you. Your presence is the light that shines in the darkest of times. I hear you. Your cries for justice pierce through the words that have attempted to stifle love and life. I see you. Your undying commitment to do what is right, promising to stand up against the bullies who try to push others down.
I like the word “promise.” It’s stronger than the words written on a page of a man who is lonely and hateful and sad. It’s stronger than the reposting of an article that perpetuates inequality in life, love, and gender. “Promise.”
I promise to stand with you and stand up for you.
I promise you are safe.
I promise you are loved.
I promise you are supported.
I promise you are so much more than the words people speak against you, than the roles they tie you to, than the problems they blame on you.
I promise.

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