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Syd­ney Tap­pan, As­sis­tant Ed­i­tor-in-Chief / Cam­pus Life Ed­i­tor


Going on a year later, COVID-19 has introduced me to highs and lows that I did not know were possible. I feel as though I have missed vital milestones in my college career, while contradicting this I have had experiences that, without this pandemic, would not have happened. It is a bittersweet welcome and goodbye. A bitter goodbye to previous expectations and my college life but a sweet hello to those that have entered my life for new experiences and purposes.  It has been a unanimous confusing and comforting year, so here is the update:


I have, somehow, transitioned from a second semester junior to a second, and last, semester senior. Senioritis is in full effect while functioning in the background of this is the nostalgic knowledge that I have already had my last weekend on campus with those I spent three years growing and changing with. One of the most rewarding years of college spent from the four walls of my childhood bedroom (not to be depressing). On the upside, in give or take three months, Zoom links and break out rooms will be a thing of the past, in regards to school anyways. Though an unfortunate end to a college career, this experience has prepared me for obstacles I will face in the future. We as students and future employees have gained the ability to change and adapt with little to no notice, something that not all students will be able to say they accomplished.


I have some things to thank COVID for, that being the relationships I have formed and furthered due to the forced online atmosphere of socialization. Those that were meant to stay in my life as close friends have made that overwhelmingly apparent. I am a firm believer in those that are meant to be in your life will stay while those that are not meant to be there will come and go through the years. Weirdly enough, I have also met people through the last year that if it were not for the exact circumstances, I otherwise would not have met. While these circumstances are unfortunate, I am grateful for who they have given me. People that in such little time have already made an impact on who I am and who I want to be even though they have only been around for a short period of time, I am appreciative of their presence nonetheless.


While I am an overwhelmingly ENFJ that feeds off the energy of others, I have found ways of staying optimistic and active with those over Zoom. Since last year, I have had three different internships throughout the pandemic. Though they have been entirely remote if it were not for our current situation, I probably would not have had those opportunities and formed the connections and began networking the way that I have over the last year. Like I said, even though I enjoy interacting in person, Zoom has taught me a new way of communicating along with recognizing how much attitude and tone of voice has an effect either positively or negatively. As an aside, I also began bartending. Though not the most profitable business at the moment, it is introducing me to a new world of work and people, something else I have to be grateful for. I have high hopes for this new avenue of work and the opportunities and doors that it is opening for me, regardless of the current state of the world.

Stay positive and hopeful.

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