Ms. McGee: Co-Founder of BlackHeisenberg Record Label

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Joe Letizio Arts and En­ter­tain­ment ed­i­tor 

What led to you co-founding BlackHesienberg Record Label?

My friend ask me to be his business partner for the label and I said yes. He saw I was determined and focus on a lot of things. When he asked me to research some articles or find him topics for the podcast and he tells me he need it by this time or the end of the night. I get everything done in a short period of time without being late with stuff.

Whatever he asked me to do I do it and frequently ask questions. The business partner he had wasn’t doing his job, he thought it was a good idea to have a female business partner to help break barriers and bring in more people to the label. Being able to work side by side with my male business partner brought me to the point that anything is possible. I also see that he wasn’t sexist or try anything with me like how other record labels do. He gives me the respect and the work we do together is always 50/50. We talk about what’s our next move and how we are going to draw in people to be part of this movement we’re trying to do. There’s a lot of ideas I have of my own that I specify and break down into similar terms for others to understand what I mean. 

What setbacks have you experienced in the early stages of BlackHesienberg Record Label?

The only setbacks of my early experienced would be that his former partner, former artists on the label and other people he knows told him I wasn’t liable, and I wasn’t responsible enough to run a label with him. He told me all of this these people were saying about me. They really didn’t know me.

I told him how I felt about it. I just asked him what is going to do about this situation. His response was like I’m not going to listen to what they’re saying because when I ask you to do this for me and give it to me by the end of the day. You always get the work done. I don’t have doubts of you and I’m not going to replace you. You’re doing your job better than what they were doing for me. They are intimidated by you because you’re a female, you’re strong, and you don’t let stuff like this get to you. I was shock because I didn’t expect him to say that to me. I felt confident and I never gave up. I kept moving forward with my head held high. 

 What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are making beats, creating logos, Coloring in my Mandala Adult Coloring book, play video games, painting, dancing, writing poems, making baskets with my mom, play basketball, collecting seashells, fishing, singing, ice skating, skating, bowling, play board games and card games, solving puzzles, swimming, playing/listening music, anything that helps me be creative in any way, and I love reading. The books I read will be goosebumps book, scientific books, romance, fantasy books, scary, suspense, thriller, adventure, Greek Mythology and Egyptian History. 

How did you end up learning how to create logos?

My business partner told me about this app that I can create on my phone. He said this app would help me create a lot of logos. I download the app and I started creating my own logos. I created at least 30 and more a day. I’m an Aquarius and Aquarius are very creative. I take my time doing them.

I start off by the words and what colors, what kind of font I should use and what size I want for the logos. I usually use some backgrounds that are provided for me or I’ll use a photo and blend it end with the backdrop I want for it and how the words should blend in with the photo. 

What was your first beat that you made? Was this created by chance?

The first beat I made was a hip-hop/club beat. I downloaded one of those beats app and I started making the beat. I took my time doing this beat. As a female rapper, you would know what kind of beat an artist wants and how it should sound. In making beats you have to have a lot of patience. 

What were some responsibilities you had while screenwriting?

This was an online class for me in college and it was part of my degree. I had to write a screenplay. Back in middle school I started writing a horror story. My friend gave me the idea to write a story. My story was about vampire students that magically appeared on a street that nobody knew existed.

It was more of the main character telling the story as a narrator and it was like a flashback, he had that he was telling his kids about. It was coming out good and I had at least 15 chapters. The thing about this is that I never finished writing my story. When I got to this class, I started thinking about the story I didn’t finish in middle school. What I did was I started reading my story and I started listing the main characters and the minor characters.

I describe what they look like, how they dress, whether they were popular or not, was they in sports, which characters dated who, their names, and if they were a straight A student or not. I started the scene when it was homecoming football game. This is when they first played a football team full of vampires and nobody doesn’t know it until later on in the story.

As I was writing this screenplay, I hit a writer’s block. I was stuck for a few hours because I never finish my story I had to think fast, and I started writing the rest of the story by screenwriting it. I read from the beginning to the end of it and it came out perfect. I never thought I could have done it because I was so skeptical about it and thought how will I finish it on time. I finally finished a story through screenwriting. When I uploaded to the class page everyone loved it.

I had positive feedback and my instructor was so impress that she gave me an A on it. I felt good about myself.  I didn’t know I was that creative and it was my first time writing a screenplay and I thought I wasn’t going to do a good job on it. 

What is your favorite topic to write about/express through song writing?

My favorite topic would be love songs. I’ve created loved songs without being in a relationship. I like to put myself in someone else’s shoes and put myself in their position. I usually right about whatever comes to mind. I be sleeping and have lyrics in my head, and I wake up and grab my notebook to write them down.

Sometimes I bring a notebook when I’m in the shower to write my lyrics down on paper. Everywhere I went, I already bring a notebook to write my lyrics down or song titles and album names. I also have a dictionary with me as well. Nowadays I use my notepad on my phone and I just type them up instead of bringing a notebook every time. It actually helps me be even more creative than I was before. 

When dealing with high end clients, and the public how did you learn how to manage public relations?

I learned on my own on how to deal with high end clients and the public. I also did research on my own as well. I also learned how to manage public relations by being in school. My degree is Business Marketing. All the classes I’ve taking so far has made me learn a lot and understand the stuff I’m learning to do. The classes I’ve taken made me improve public speaking, how to manage a business, what’s legal and what’s illegal to do, etc. I learned how to create advertisements on my own, whether its animation or a regular creative post. I also learned that paying for a post or advertisements sometimes doesn’t work out how you wanted it to be.

Being part of a label; we promote our clients the way we know how to do it, and I like using hashtags to grab more people to engage with my posts. We also promote ourselves like our poetry books, songs we got recorded or freestyles we did, etc. We play artists songs on our live podcast radio show. For an example, We charge like $5 for as many songs you want to be played on our radio show. We also promote products that we are working on and we also try to get people to donate for a charity of our choice to help out. We like giving back and helping the community.

We use social media to reach out to all ages and we analyze what they like or want to hear and having them be part of our conversation on a topic at that time; really drawn in more people and have them listening in. We communicate with our audiences and we interact with them through speaking engagements and we have them tell us their opinions on different subjects and how we can make our podcast better. 

During your free time what do you end up doing?

I sing to my favorite artists or rap my favorite artists songs. Spend time with friends and family. I like enjoying the smaller things in life. I write free verses, the chorus and sometimes a full song. I write a few poetry or I ended up recording myself doing spoken words.

Sometimes I record a few freestyles or a verse. It all depends on if I have the time or not. I like to color in my Mandala Adult coloring book. I like looking at the details and start wherever I want and choose a color I want that colored. It helps me focus and concentrate a lot. It keeps my stress levels down. Once I start something, I end up finishing it up. 

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

The best advice I’ve been given is that don’t be afraid to ask for help when you needed the most.

What’s next for you?

Working more on my poetry books, working on my music, etc. Who knows what’s next for me? Only time will tell. Whatever it is I’ll appreciate the blessings I’ve gotten from God. I’ll continue to strive for success. I’ll never give up. It’s all about trust the process.

I can’t wait to see what is in store for me in the years to come. When the opportunity goes to knocking; I’ll answer every time. I’m not the kind of person who keep the door close when the opportunity comes. I‘ll answer every time I get a chance because if you pass up that opportunity it will never come again.

What’s an average day look like for you?

I start my day off by using my Fenty skin care routine. After that I end up starting my homework, write a few songs/poetry, creating logos, going to stores with my mom, making promotions/advertisement for the label, listen to music, watch movies, every now and then I play video games with my brother, help my mom clean up around the house and helping my auntie with things she wants me to do for her. My average day is always busy and everyday its always something different I do. I don’t the same routine over and over again. I like switching it up most of the time.

What does style and entertainment mean to you?

Style rejects ideals. It goes its own way. Style is democratic. It’s about each person creating their own unique identity in how they carry themselves, how they groom and what they put on. Style is aristocratic. It’s sets you apart from the masses and tells the world that you’ve got complete control of yourself.

Style is intelligent because you have to really know who you are to pull it off. Everybody has their own unique style. Entertainment for me is that which makes you feel happy. Entertainment is not just the showbiz and movies.

For me entertainment can be anything, may be a friend mimic ricing a teacher or doing what you feel like spending time on your hobby. Entertainment gives you immense pleasure. For me entertainment is spending time with my guitar as it gives me satisfaction and ultimate serenity because music elicits the imagination from me and I can focus more on the things.

If you unplugged from technology for a day what would you do?

I would interact with people. I want to see their interest and what kind of skills they have. I would defiantly find ways to keep myself busy. I’ve done it before without having any kind of technology. I have hobbies that I can fall back on and be creative without technology.

I always find ways to keep myself busy without technology for a day. I dealt without technology for two and a half months and I almost drove myself insane. I ended up keeping myself occupy and kept myself sane. It was a struggle, but I pulled through. 

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