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One of the most enduring Bassist of the past Three decades, PARIS FORD has taken his place as one of the most groundbreaking “New Old School” session players in popular music, from sharing recording sessions with the likes of Marcus Miller and Anthony Jackson to Recording and/or touring with everyone from Punk/Funk R&B recording artist Rick James to Jazz Fusion Violinist Micheal Urbaniak to name a few.

PARIS FORD’s early days of Junior High School in the Bronx, playing in local bands with a great deal of his influences Larry Graham, Graham Central Station and Francis Rocco Prestia of Tower Power to name a few, makeup the unique style of his bass playing technique. His production combines the undeniably funky soulful song writing skills of R&B Jazz/Funk and Hip Hop.

PARIS FORD has released several Recordings throughout Europe and has played Bass for Rick James, The B.B.&Q Band, Johnny Gill, New Edition, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Lenny White, Tyrone Thomas, Norman Conners, Lonnie Liston Smith, Micheal Urbankiak, Urszula Dudziak, James Robinson, Invisible Man’s Band, The Village People, Glen Jones, Vicki Sue Robinson,


Jean Carn, Val Young, J Plunky & Oneness and many other well known major recording artist also playing on many Jingles.
PARIS FORD endorse Spector Basses (since 86′), EMG”s Bass pickups, Mutron

products and DR Handmade strings

From 1973 – 2020 this is Mr. Ford’s timeline:

  • Paris Ford started Playing Bass 1973
  • In 74′ He did his 1st album w/ his cousin group from Richmond Va Oness of JuJu the Album “African Rythmns”
  • In 75′ Tunston Steel a local Dance/Disco/Funk group
  • In 76’Tyrone Thomas & The Whole Darn Family toured & recorded “Has Arrived” album Remixed 2nd release version) was sampled by: and/or he has played sessions for Hip Hop artist’s: Jay-Z & Foxy Brown, KayGee (of Naughty by Nature), Faith Evans f/ Ja Rule,Vita & Caddillac Tah” (Fast & the Furious movie soundtrack), EPMD, Wyclefkf, Jodeci, The Alcoholics, Grave Diggaz, Mob Deep, Q-Tip, The College Boyz,T-Ski Valley, DrawDown just to name a few.
  • In 77′ Vicky Sue Robinson toured with her North America


  • In 78′ Michal Urbaniak toured & recorded with “Ecstasy”Album
  • In 79′ Lonnie Liston Smith toured & recorded “Love is the Answer” Album
  • In 80′ Johnny Gill toured East Coast
  • In 81′ BB&Q Band toured in support of the “On The Beat” album openingact for Teddy Pendergrass & Commodores
  • In 81′ Norman Conners Toured & Recorded Mr.C album (that year Paris Ford picture came out on Both albums BB&Q band & Mr. C)[He got in trouble for that]
  • In 81′ Invisible Man Band Recorded Album Rated X
  • In 82′ Released PARIS FORD’s 1st Single aka ‘Peewee’ “Be My Girl” f/ James Crab Robinson on Arthur Bakers Streetwise Records (also playing Bass on most of the Streetwise hits).
  • In 83′ Val Young (Val & the Boys) A RICK JAMES Productions
  • In 83′ Village People & The Ritchie Family toured South America & Brazil
  • In 83′ Stacy Lattisaw toured American & Jamaica Fest
  • In 83′ Released Follow up 2nd Single: Peewee In The Newz “Keep Dancin” f/ James Crab Robinson on N.A.M.E Brand Records
  • In 84’Evelyn “Champagne” King Toured American & Germany
  • In 85′ RICK JAMES recorded “The Flag” album on Motown Records
  • In 86′ New Edition Toured West & East Coast
  • In 88′ Sign with Vintertainment Records


These are Paris Ford Solo Single Releases:

  • In 82′ “Be My Girl” f/James Robinson Streetwise Records
  • In 83′ “Keep Dancin” f/James Robinson NAME Records
  • In 86′ “Freak Stick” (b/w)”Big Legs Gals” Test Press
  • In 89′ “2 Far” f/James Robinson Karamel/EMI France
  • In 90′ ‘”Dont Pass On Her” Jammin Records
  • In 92′ “U R My Luva” Mystique Records
  • In 95′ “Drop Da Beat” Provocative Entertainment Grp
  • In 96′ “Somebody Like U” K-P Provocative Entertainmeny Grp[From 2000 – 2020]
  • In 2001 “Ain’t Paid” Provocative Ent Grp
  • In 2001′ “2 far” Karanel Super Dance Classic (France)
  • In 2002′ Booty Shakin Thump Pumpin’ Overlrord Ent Grp
  • In 2002′ Funky Or Not! Funk U Records Compilation
  • In 2007 “Chocolate Swirl” f/ James Robinson Overlord Ent Grp

After Chocolate Swirl featuring James Robinson, he then released in 2017 “The Best Of Paris Ford Party of The Year” Overlord Ent Grp a year later he released “Dont Pass On Her (b/w) Suzy Suzie Six Nine Records UK two years later he released “Boogie On Down” (b/w) You ask for it Come & freak w/ me Epsilon Records UK(Recorded in 1977).

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