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Joe Letizio Arts and En­ter­tain­ment ed­i­tor

How’s life treating you?

Life is well thank you, can’t complain

What motivates you?

Being alive and being young, motivates me a lot, realizing i have the energy and time to do anything in this world.

What social issues are you most passionate about?

I am really passionate about the youth, I wish they could understand how much of an asset being youthful is, the ability to change any situation for the better.

Do you have any mentors?

Yes, mostly artists and self-made business people who beat all the odds to become successful and live a comfortable life.

What’s your definition of success?

Being happy and proud of yourself as a person.

What are your long term goals?/What are your plans for this year?

My long term goal is to be connected with as many people as possible around the world, this year I will be focusing on artist and record label development, assisting aspiring musicians and music industry people understand the basics of the music business and take the first step towards their dreams.

What’s your working style?

My working style is get up early, envision what needs to be done, absorb it then execute as soon as possible.

What are your strengths & weaknesses?

I only have strengths, my tolerance / threshold is very stable, my focus level is decent and I have means of solving problems sufficiently most of the time.

What’s your average day look like?

I wake up, exercise, do some vocal exercises, talk about peace, success and love to myself, and then get to work.

Is everything you’re writing related to the hook or message of the song?

Yes mostly I write story based music.

Where do your ideas come from for songs?

I try to pay attention to what people are going through, I believe, personally I have fought and won my battles so most of my music is inspired by what happens in society. 

How do you know when your song is finished?

When the song sounds good within the first 2:00 min.

What’s the most important risk you took and why?

I moved to a bigger country, I was born in a very small country and I have a very optimistic mind and always wanted to do something new efficiently, and living within limitations started depressing me, so I moved.

During these past few months what have you learned from COVID?

I learned that being open-minded is one of the best forms of immunity against adversity.

In regards to entertainment what platforms are most essential for entertainers?

YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Facebook.

What social media channels do you have experience with?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What makes a song good?

Honesty about how you really feel at that time.

Who have you been listening to recently?

I have a huge songwriting library/catalogue so mostly I’ve been listening to my writing.

What other producers, songwriters and / or artists do you see as primary inspirations?

Don Laka (South African Music Producer) HER Music (USA Vocalist & Music Producer) Bholoja (Eswatini Musician) T-Pain (USA Music Producer & Vocalist) Bruno Mars (USA Musician) R Kelly (USA Music producer & artist).

Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?

I actually have a few,: Let Me Breathe By Don Laka , and Rich People by Flameboy Universe.

Is there an artist you want to work with that has not yet had the opportunity to work with?

I have a list of artists from Sony Music and from Eswatini that I really want to work with.

What can we expect from Sony Music in 2021?

A great catalogue from new amazing talent!

What do you like to do for fun outside working music?

I love food and to listen to what other people have to say.

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