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From Berklee to A&R/General Manager, Arielle Tindel is truly talented and a hard worker, nonetheless. While each experience has shaped her in one way or another, she is truly blessed to have gone through each experience as she has been able to hone her skills and advance to the next step in her life.

From the marketing internship with Club Passim which was her first internship, she was able to learn a lot about general professionalism, venue operations, ticketing, and social media scheduling. When considering all the areas she was exposed to it is easy to notice how helpful this internship was as this served as a springboard for everything else that followed.

As this internship truly helped her take herself seriously and see the value in supplementing her coursework with hands on experience. Following this role, she continued on this journey that lead her to being an A&R/General Manager by seeking internships and hands on work every semester. Through doing so, she was able to obtain an internship with Tina Farris who taught her a lot about paying close attention to detail and the importance of saying exactly what you mean. While there were elements of the live shows that Arielle expressed to me that she never even given thought to until that particular moment. Through this internship she was able to see the light more clearly and through the wisdom and experience Ms. Farris showed her she was truly grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her as an intern. 

One interesting note, she told me was that when she first arrived at Berklee, she was just learning about careers that would allow her to combine her more creative/analytical sides together smoothly. After having completed a few college credits while in high school, doing a dual major did not delay her graduation plans, so she picked the two things that interested her the most. From this conversation, I then proceeded to ask her if she enjoyed any previous above the rest, to which she replied with while she may have had an internship she did not enjoy fully or a required course in school it is importance of try to learn something and embrace the challenges which may come your way.

Although the music industry revolves heavily around making connections and relationships so does being authentic which is what Tina truly amplifies each day by just being herself. While being authentic is important it is also important to understand what makes one happy, through asking Ms. Tindel this particular question she expressed to me that she enjoys playing various instruments, with the help of coffee. In addition to this she also enjoys making bread and cooking in the kitchen.

While this pandemic has impacted each one of us differently, it is important to understand that we as individuals can either panic or carry on and fight through the chaos. Which is exactly what Arielle did as she just moved to LA in January for an internship with Danny Wimmer Presents (DWP), as a rock festival promoter, and to work for Benjamin Groff’s label We Are: The Guard. In both of cases, she explained to me that they shifted working in an office setting to working from home. Through this shift she has expressed to me that she has adapted nicely at home and enjoys working remotely. Though it definitely was an adjustment when it came to staying focussed and productive she created a regular eating schedule, work out time and made sure that she professionally got ready each morning. While this was a change for each one of us some more than others, she has expressed that it is important to try to find the positives and keep an eye on the light at the end of the tunnel. Given this state of mind, she is truly grateful to be in LA, and to have a job in the music industry.  

Going along with this, Arielle has expressed to me that she is proud to have been able to gain industry experience while in school as well as being able to graduate early with a dual major. However, what she is most proud of is being the stage manager for an event at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts curated by digital media production company, Hipstory. Which would have not been possible if she had not been working for Cliff Notez at the given time. As one could imagine this was a big undertaking but was a success. As she expressed that seeing that giant room packed with people having a good time was such a rewarding feeling.

Given the accomplishments made along the way, the mentors which shaped her have created the moment to let Arielle embrace who she truly is, the first person who came to her mind when I asked her was her mother although she is not involved in the music industry, she explained to me that she has a business background and lots of experience dealing with various professional scenarios. Bouncing off of this, Jeff Dorenfeld who was one of her professors at Berklee really had a big impact on her as well. While she was learning in his class Concerts and Touring, as well as BPMI, she learned various aspects of the music industry such as how to select talent to perform at music festivals, in addition to this her class rehearsed the bands for their sets and traveled to the festivals. While the class alone taught her important aspects of the entertainment industry, Jeff was truly helpful as she expressed to me that he was intelligent, always honest and connected many previous students with industry opportunities. Through this connection she was then introduced to DWP because of Jeff. 

Lastly, she would also consider Cliff Notez a mentor too, as the head individual in charge knows how to balance being kind and firm. In addition to being a very caring person, who does amazing things for the Boston music scene, he also knows how and when to advocate for himself. Which is someone she told me that she admires and tries to carry that mindset into her life, both personally and professionally. 

The Music Journey:
While Arielle, has expressed through the whole interview that she has always loved music, it made sense to continue down this path as she truly feel in love with music when she first performed and has never left the stage since. From putting the pieces together to creating something larger, whether it be writing a song, stage managing an event, or finding a new artist or setting up a release she enjoys every minute of it.

Co-Founder: (Learning From Living Room)
​While each one of us has dabbled in entrepreneurship in one way or another in college, Arielle has taken this another step by co-founding in Learning From Living Room for those who do not know what this is this was established when Arielle and some of her friends were still students at Berklee towards the beginning of the pandemic. 

Given the fact, that she had more free time on her hands since everything was and still is closed in LA, she had half of an idea to plan some kind of virtual music business conference. Though she was not really sure where to start, she was determined to make it happen. Through involving the people in her network, she mentioned the idea to her roommate at the time Marinca Nederovique who was eager to get on board. Through the two of them they reached out to people they knew to speak to in regards to this big task, through figuring out the details together, and launching their weekend series. They talked to professionals from all sides of the music industry at different stages in their careers. To say the least, it was really interesting to hear how quickly they put their plan together during such a challenging time.

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