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From working for Jitters Café/Willi’s Burger Bar and Rotisserie to PartyGirlRocks, Selfish, & Atlantic Ave Band Meline Vergne is a talented individual nonetheless. With this being said, each position was different and allowed Meline to grow as an individual. At Jitter’s, which was a local North Kingstown coffee shop, she was a barista and eventually a manager. While at Willi’s Burger Bar and Rotisserie was in Newport and at this restaurant she was a manager at this establishment too.  


During her time at Partygirl, Selfish, and Atlantic Ave which are all bands. Her first band she ever joined was PartyGirl when she was about 22/23 years old. During her time with this band which over the course of about 5 years she played in bars throughout; Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. In this band she was a lead singer, manager, and band leader for the band. Following this, Selfish is a due that Meline created and ended up gigging mostly in Newport. (Although, she does not actively perform with the duo anymore she is open to any opportunities that may arise. In the duo she sang, and would hire someone to play the acoustic guitar. 

Atlantic Ave is the only band that she is active with currently (although not so much because of the pandemic). In this band, she is the second lead singer of the band but only gets called for exclusive events. Through each experience she was able to hone in on her skills and figure out what she wants out of life and what defines who she is. 

Top Accomplishments

Ms. Vergne’s top accomplishments include working for Dalkey Management now for about 4 years. During her last 4 years, she was promoted to Property Manager in November and moved up the company quickly. She expressed to me how fortunate enough she is to work for amazing people and is thankful that she decided to focus more on her career instead of continuing to pursue music.  

Quinnipiac University

As she expressed to me that she started at Assumption College, she stayed at the institute for about a year and a half and decided to transfer to Quinnipiac during her 2nd semester of her sophomore year. She chose Quinnipiac due to their international business major and also because the campus was absolutely breathtaking.

While not working she is hiking, binge-watching shows and signing. Going along with this, when Meline hears the word style she thinks about fashion and when she hears the word entertainment she thinks about her time singing and live music. Her favorite music genre is Pop and EDM. 

Lead Singer/Manager

Being part of a band is definitely hard work. Singing takes a heavy toll on you, especially if you also have a full time job. With this being said, she explained to me that she gave it her all when she performs, so it often leaves her feeling tired the next day, especially when she would usually get home around 1, 2, or 3am most weekend nights. While being a manager of a band is time consuming; from booking to finding artists she has expressed to me that musicians are very hard to deal with.

Language of Love

French is Meline’s first language, and does not help much in Rhode Island. However, it has come in handy at times. For reference, she was born in France and English is her second language. She moved to the United States when she was 7 in 1997, during this move she was able to use music and ESL to learn english.  

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