What Branding Means To Me

Published 2 years ago -

Joe Letizio Arts and En­ter­tain­ment ed­i­tor

When it comes to branding the most important lesson anyone can teach you is that your reputation is your brand. With this being said, the things which affect your brand is: (your name, what you post on social media, and what stance you have on certain issues). 

Going along with this I choose two items that I use on a daily basis, and analyze why people like these products and how I can implement these characteristics in myself and my work.

The first item on my list is my Bose Free SoundSport earbuds, the Bose brand itself is reliable, trustworthy and efficient. When I analyze myself I want others to view me as someone who is reliable, and trustworthy. The next item I use on a daily basis is my iPhone. The ways in which Apple has captivated a nation of people is through being trendy, efficient, and trustworthy. For myself, I do not want to be someone that is trendy but rather understand what makes people gravitate towards me, in addition to this I want to efficiently get my work done so I become trustworthy. While these two brands are important to me and other individuals, it is important to understand how a brand uses the media to influence others. The four areas in which a brand influences us is through understanding how to get clicks on their site, social media accounts which are tied into writing the right headlines and captions. In doing so they build a following and generate more money through the more eyes they have they have on their accounts the greater the percentage is to have people buy their products. 

Through this exercise I was able to analyze other products in my life and think about why people like these products. For those interested in trying this for themselves grab a pen and a piece of paper or your phone, after doing this write down items that you use on a daily basis. If you have trouble coming up with a list, look around you and pick three items that are closest to you. After doing so think about what the product or brand is, who uses it and why? Through asking these questions you will then be able to generate what characteristics people use to describe the product/service. 

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