Hindsight 2020: Looking Back as a Senior

Published 1 year ago -

By: Tyler Cullen, Copy Editor

    Looking back as a senior there is a lot of advice that I wish I had as an underclassman.  Not only does this advice pertain to classes, but it can also relate to social advice and advice on the challenges college students face on a daily basis.  I would say that one of the best aspects of college life is joining different clubs and meeting new people.  This can be both an educational and social experience in and of itself.  I would say that is just one piece of advice I would have, but the list is expansive to say the least.  The end goal of academics and extracurriculars is for each student to discover themselves on a much deeper level.  Although many students believe that academics and social life are separate, everything at Assumption is intertwined.  The fact of the matter is people who you meet outside of the classroom might be your classmates down the road.  To take that even further each friend you make or classmate you interact with could be a potential business connection after graduation as well.

           When it comes to academics strictly speaking there are many things you can do to succeed.  The first and most important aspect of academic success is the outlook that each student has and their overall motivation.  We have all been there where you do not want to go to a class or you struggle to pay attention. It’s natural.  The key is to focus on what drives you and apply that to each class.  Viewing each course as a stepping stone will allow you to further your education and professional development.  In addition to this it is always helpful to reach out to a professor.  Now this does not always have to be going to meet a professor during office hours, rather it could just be a simple email checking in.  On the other hand, it is always stressed that students need to go to office hours, and this just is not the case.  It is possible to develop a relationship with your professors in other ways.  Office hours are great but they do not have to be forced into your schedule all the time.  The bottom line is that professors are there for you and want you to succeed so use them for help at your own discretion.

              One of the biggest hurdles to learning outside of the classroom is dealing with constant distractions.  These can be self-inflicted distractions such as the use of a phone, or they can be brought on by others.  For underclassmen just know there will be a lot of trial and errors before you establish where you want to do coursework on campus.  When I arrived on campus there was a lot of hype surrounding the library to get work done but I rarely ever went there to do work.  Now this is just my preference, but you get the point and you will know once you find your place.  A lot of the academic buildings have great lounges that are conducive to work, overall there are many options.  Having headphones to block out excessive noise is also a great idea, or if you get distracted by your phone sometimes it’s best to simply turn it off or keep it out of sight.  

            In terms of social life and campus culture there are so many opportunities for each student to find themselves.  Sometimes all it takes is going to a hotspot on campus such as Chuck’s or Plourde to meet new people.  One of my favorite aspects about being in campus is that if you just walk around you are bound to run into someone you have met before.  When people think about social life on campus they think parties and stuff like that, but I can assure you more meaningful connections are made outside of that scene. Parties can be great to meet new people don’t get me wrong but there is more bonding that takes place when students are all working towards a common goal.  This again goes back to what I said before about joining club or teams because there is always going to be a foundation there or something you have in common with those around you.  

             After all is said and done it is important to cherish every moment you have at Assumption.  Throughout your time here you will be faced with many revelations about both yourself and others around you.  Know that learning does not just take place in the classroom, but the decisions you make and the habits you get into now will transform your outlook on life and your approach to future endeavors.

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