Al Horford Returns to the Celtics

Published 1 year ago -

By Mike Shea – Copy Editor

The Boston Celtics got a familiar face to return to their team in the name of Al Horford. Horford returns to the Boston Celtics through a trade with Oklahoma City Thunder. Horford was a pivotal player for the Celtics who lead them to 2 Eastern Conference Finals in a row in 2016 and 2017.

Horford was traded to the Celtics along with another player Moses Brown for Celtic’s Kemba Walker and a 16th pick in the NBA draft. Horford played 28 games for the Thunder before the coach told him he was done playing for the year. The Celtics traded for him for his knowledge of the game and his leadership ability

Horford is a dominant center who signed with the Celtics 5 years ago. This was regarded as the Celtic’s first marquee free agent signing. The stigma was that the Celtics could not get any great basketball player in free agency because nobody wanted to play there so when Horford signed with the Celtics it was a big deal.

Over his career as a Celtic, Horford was in his prime helping a team with Championship aspirations. He was a physical Center who started for the Celtics. He quickly became a fan favorite over his 3 years as a Celtic.

Horford is back to continue to use his physicality on some larger opponents. One of the players Horford will have to battle in the paint is Joel Embiid. Embiid is on the rival 76ers, which is the same team that Horford left the Celtics for, and is a great center who the Celtics need to compete with.

While Horford is here for his physicality, his main role on the Celtics has changed. He is no longer a dominant center in his prime. His main focus is to be a veteran leader for the younger players on the Celtics.

Becoming an active leader is something Horford is continuing to develop. He used to be a quiet leader during his first stint on the Celtics but is now being very vocal. He is making sure that the young players will really benefit from his experience. 

Someone who will really benefit from Horford is Robert Williams. Robert Williams is a young center who started for the Celtics last year. Horford is going to keep an eye out on his progression as the season starts. 

While Horford has familiarity with some of the Celtics players, he also has a relationship with the Celtics new coach Ime Udoka. Udoka was an assistant coach when Horford played on the 76ers. It is great for Horford to have already established a connection with his head coach. 

It has been two years since Horford was a Celtic and he and the fans are thrilled that he is back. Horford was great on the Celtics and hopes to continue this success his second stint. Hopefully this time the season ends with Horford raising the Trophy. 

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