Bleed Blue

Published 1 year ago -

By Olivia Kelton, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, October 27th, from 4:30-6:30 in the Hagen Campus Center at Assumption University, the school’s Student Government Association, also known as SGA, put on their Bleed Blue event to support student-athletes.

As a result of the rainy weather, Bleed Blue had to be moved inside. However, that did not stop the SGA from putting on a fantastic event. To start off, the Assumption Dance Team performed one of their current routines for the packed audience. There were tables covered in goodies like blue and white cupcakes and enormous chocolate chip cookies covered in M&Ms. The food was gone in a matter of seconds, causing the SGA members working the event to reset their tables minutes after everyone’s arrival.

Upon every half an hour, the SGA did a free shirt toss into the sea of students. When speaking to Olivia Ryan, a sophomore who attended the event, she described the shirt toss as “It was so much fun but very intense, everyone wanted free shirts. My friends and I participated in the roughhousing, we all got lucky, and each caught a shirt.” It would be an understatement to say that it got intense; fights nearly broke out over the free merchandise. Along with the shirt toss, there were also drawings for a raffle where participants could win gift cards to restaurants in the Worcester area.

There were tables with minute to win it games like cup stacking, accompanied by popular music that had everyone bobbing their heads. Outside of Hagen was the Dogfather food truck serving up gourmet hotdogs to a long line of students. When asked about the event 2024, Class President Brenna Aywald said, “Bleed Blue was created to bring about school spirit as well as support our student-athletes. I was surprised about how drastic the turnout was; I’m so happy that so many community members showed up to support the school.”

It is safe to say that despite the unpleasant weather, the SGA pulled off an outstanding event.

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